15 Green Holiday Gift Ideas That You Still Have Time to Make or Get

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Need some green holiday gift ideas? We’re here to help!

Being the biggest retail season of the year,  it’s is a good time to send a message by how and where you spend your dollars.  That said, it ain’t easy finding trusted resources especially with so much “green washing.” Here are some of the options that we, at The Green Divas, support or use for ourselves!  Plus some things you still have time to make.

  1. Gift guide for social entrepreneurs—This list from Social Edge: A Program by the Skoll Foundation for that entrepreneur that wants to be part of changing the world is unlike any other list we’ve seen. Contribute to the Green Divas Global Digital Radio Network —the first network dedicated to green and healthy living programs like Mariel Hemingway’s Running with Nature, Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis, Yale Climate Connections, Mrs. Green’s World… and of course The Green Divas Radio Show. We’re all tying to create real change for a better planet!

  1. Give sustainable meat for conscious carnivores—The omnivore lovers we love will cherish a chance to discover how very much better grass-fed and grass finished meat really is, not only in taste, but in nutrition as well. Our favorite is Prescott Frost www.prescottfrost.com. Did you know that grass-fed beef has: 10 times more carotene then feedlot beef;  3 times more Vitamin E; 3 times more Omega 3 fatty acids than feedlot beef; 3 times more CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid which is another of the healthy fats?  Oh, and yes, he is related to Robert Frost, Prescott is his great, grandson.
  2. Active footwear—If you are thinking about getting some running shoes for an athlete in the family, or cool footwear for the hipsters in the house, you might be interested to know that Nike, Puma and Adidas plus several other clothing and footwear companies have made a commitment to work together to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020. I read a great article last month by Allan Brettman. He points out that it took two years working with Greenpeace to come up with appropriate guidelines.  And the companies are committed to making changes immediately. It will greatly affect the communities where people live and work in their factories. 
  3. Need something for your feline friend—Check out the eco-friendly, all natural pet products
  4. Buy something for a loved one and help others—Here is a brilliant list from Ellecomm.com of purchases that match up a purchase with a donation that makes a real difference. How cool is that?
  5. For the kids and family—Here are 2 board games that will be fun for family and friend bonding while learning about protecting the planet as well. Go Green board game and Endango.
  6. Eco Starter Kit for the family—Want to make big changes starting at home, but don’t know how? Here is an action pack kit from Eco Hatchery to involve the whole family.
  7. Gifts for our older loved ones—I found this wonderful list from Care2.com with thoughtful ideas for our more mature loved ones.
  8. One Stop Shopping on our favorite eco-shopping site—We love this one so much that we have our own page – Green Divas Picks! BuyGreen.com has a brilliant rating system so you can see the sustainability of a product through it’s entire life-cycle.

Some easy repurposing ideas you still have time to do:

  1. Mittens from old sweaters—Take some beloved old sweaters and make cozy mittens out of them.  Use the sleeves and waist band as the mitten cuffs. In addition to being cozy they could be nostalgic as well.
  2. Christmas stockings from old sweaters—You can create awesome felt from old wool sweaters, cut them up and get creative patching them together and decorating them with colorful threads and fabrics.
  3. Skirts from XXL  T–shirts—You can take a favorite soft large t-shirt, cut it just below the armpits, synch it to your giftee’s waist size, make a waist band from the leftover material and you have a super comfy skirt for a smaller loved one.
  4. Homemade snow globes—Here’s an opportunity to add your creative touch to an old favorite.  I can’t wait to try making homemade snow globes!
  5. Knit holders for cell phones and/or cameras—Cut the toe and heel off an old, but cute, sock and sew it up and viola, a fun and cozy pocket for a cell phone or camera. Here’s a link to a cell phone pouch pattern that GD Meg followed and enhanced with old buttons and charms to make for everyone a couple of Christmas’ ago!
  6. Homemade beauty products—Here are some recipes for hand lotion, lip balm and GD Meg’s organic lavender facial cleanser

Buying American helps the economy and the environment—Here is a CBS News report and list on companies making products here in America.

For some other helpful holiday hints you can go to this radio show and learn about Christmas trees and DIY Green Decoration. 

Happy Holidays!


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~Asst. Ed. Green Diva Christine

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