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We are looking for sponsors who are closely aligned with the message and values of The Green Divas family of podcasts, videos and social media — values like corporate and social responsibility, sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

For our popular podcasts, we want to minimize commercial interruption within the format of our shows and therefore are looking for a few strong relationships that we can grow as partners in promoting not only the value of greener living, but the specific value offered by our chosen sponsors.

The Green Divas will go a long way to bring sponsors into all our public promotional activities beyond the specific components in our wide-range of sponsorship packages.

We look forward to discussing how a partnership through sponsorship can grow to benefit everyone!

The Green Divas are able to offer sponsors a concentrated reach into one of the most potent consumer markets in the world (NY metro) as well as national and international exposure to a targeted audience that is looking for products, ideas and resources for healthier green living.

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Our shows are found in all the best digital places… iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spotify, Spreaker, Stitcher, TuneIn among others. Our podcasts are downloaded/listened to over 50k times per month. With a catalog of over 500 podcasts with over 1 million downloads!

In the social media world, we are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, LinkedIn primarily, but do have some presence on others. We have over 80,000 engaged followers.

We offer a variety of sponsorship packages to accommodate almost any budget. Please contact us to find out how we can help you promote your business, product or services to our awesome audience!

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