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Gina Murphy-Darling, aka Mrs. Green, has just one, albeit huge goal in mind: Preserve the planet. This translates into educating and inspiring audiences through Mrs. Green’s World Radio Network. Mrs. Green was born in 2008 to educate people about the impact they have on the health of the planet and what we can do to preserve it. She's dedicated to creating a global community of people who care about the planet. Before Mrs. Green, Murphy-Darling served as the President and Co-founder of Providence Service Corporation in Tucson, Ariz. She also co-founded and served as President of StrengthBuilding Partners. She serves her community through Angel Charity for Children, Tucson, Sunrise Rotary Club and as a member of the University of Arizona's President's Advisory Council on Environmental Sustainability. Mrs. Green's message is upbeat and taps into her audience's can-do attitudes. "Small changes, big impact," is her mantra. “We don’t tell you what to think, we just want you to."
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