10 Things You Should Know About Natural Gas Leaks & Storage Sites

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fix the methane gas leak

Click below to view aerial footage of a massive gas gusher at a storage facility in California’s Aliso Canyon. Methane (natural gas) is a particularly powerful greenhouse gas, causing climate disruption; pound for pound, it traps 86 times more solar radiation than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.

What does a catastrophic gas leak in Southern California tell us about what’s going on across the country? Regulation of gas storage sites is completely, frighteningly inadequate.

And millions of leaks are happening along the entire natural gas supply chain. Click here to take action then read on for more.

10 things you should know about natural gas leaks and storage sites

1. There are more than 400 underground natural gas storage sites in 31 states. A storage site can contain hundreds of wells.

2. The biggest storage facility is in Montana.

3. Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania and Louisiana all store more natural gas underground than California.

4. Many of the storage tanks are decades old, and equipment is decaying.

5. Most people do not know they are living near underground storage facilities, or on top of major gas pipelines.

6. Storage tanks contain trillions of cubic feet of potentially explosive fuel—in Kansas, in 2001, a gas explosion destroyed half a city block and killed two people. In 2004 a leak in Houston shot flames 1000 feet into the air.

7. Inspections at storage facilities are lax, if not laughable. Ohio requires visual inspections. But natural gas is invisible to the naked eye.

8. At Aliso Canyon, the well that failed is 63 years old. It is one of more than 100 wells at the site and one of tens of thousands of similar wells at storage units across the country. Southern California Gas last inspected the leaking well in 1976.

9. Natural gas, mainly methane, is a powerful contributor to climate disruption.

10. Along with methane, natural gas contains poisons like benzene and toluene among other things—linked to cancer, and harmful to developing fetuses.

That’s what’s being spewed into our air.

Methane leaks are much bigger than a fracking problem.

Check out this infographic…
methane leaks infographic

Download the full infographic here.

Click HERE to tell the EPA and Administrator McCarthy
we need action now to stop one of the greatest threats to our planet’s health.  


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  1. Harriet Shugarman January 30, 2016 at 5:28 pm -  Reply

    Thanks! What we need now is a moratorium on fracking. We can’t continue as is while we try to fix leaks. An important story to tell. more Flimt MI just under the surface. We know the truth about fracking and it needs to stop now. Too many negative impacts and catastrophic climate risks too.

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