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  1. Donald E Lewis (reply)

    January 8, 2016 at 10:44 am

    I started Organic Farming in 1950. The reason was I used herbicide (24-D) for weed control in 1949. I did not like the results. There was a quarter moon area at the end of my rows where to much was applied nothing ever grew. I discovered it was a growth hormone and question the use in 1950. I was told it would dissipate from the soil in 6 weeks. It has not and is now found in human blood and all the way to Mothers breast milk. The soil where all our food comes from is much more critical to the health of humanity than Global warming. I have never taken any monetary funds for my own experiments on the farm/garden. I can outgrow chemical users. Our children are predicted to be 50% autism in ten years. This is several times more critical than climate change that has happen many times in the past. Please review my book “Learned by the Fencepost on Google. I have many more reasons why Global warming is not most critical problem to humanity as the Paris Conference was.

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