Plastic Pollution: 6 Astonishing Facts

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plastic is forever...
Who among us can’t use some friendly reminders about the threat plastics are to our world?

Thanks to my recent guest, Dianna Cohen, from the Plastics Pollution Coalition, for these “earth & people friendly” reminders. Here is link to her show in case this blog post really makes you crave me more info about a very important subject. The life you save could be your own!

The Facts

1) Plastic is forever

Plastic creates toxic pollution at every stage of its existence: manufacture, use and disposal. Plastic is a material that the Earth simply cannot digest. Every bit of plastic that has ever been created still exists, including the small amount that has been incinerated and has now become toxic particulate matter.  (yikes!!!)

2) Plastic poisons our food chain.

In the environment, plastic breaks down into small particles that attract toxic chemicals. These articles are ingested by wildlife on land and in the ocean, contaminating the food chain.

3) Plastic affects human health.

(That would be our health) Harmful chemicals leached by plastics are present in the bloodstream and tissues of almost every one of us, including newborns. That one almost hurts…

4) Disposable plastics are the main source of plastic pollution.

Consumption of disposable plastics—bags, bottles, straws and the list goes on—has spiraled out of control.  These items are used for seconds, hours or days, but their remains and impact last forever.

5) Plastic recycling is not a sustainable solution.

Most of our plastic waste is landfilled, downcycled, incinerated or exported to other countries. Recycling of plastic is costly and does not stem the production of virgin plastic product.  (I always try to gently remind people that the first “R” is reduce but when you do consume, remember how important it is to recycle.)

6) Plastic pollution is not only in the ocean.

The amount of plastic pollution in the ocean is expanding at a catastrophic rate but there are similar concentrations of plastic in the desert, in every community around the world, in our homes and in us. If you have any doubts about this whatsoever, take a walk just about anywhere and let me know if you can go a half a mile without finding plastic of some kind – not to mention taking a swim in the ocean!

{Read: 22 preposterous facts about plastic pollution (and what we can do about it)}

We all just have to try harder because we, our children, our grandchildren and Mother Earth all deserve better. Let’s keep each other on the plastic free path to the extent possible. It really really matters.

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