3 Tips for Radical Self Care {podcast & video}

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 Written by Green Diva Christy

Time for a radical change in self care: What have you done for yourself lately?

I recently spoke with Green Diva Meg about the importance of radical self care in today’s society in this first Inspired Green Divas podcast episode. Listen up, then read on for more…


Women are amazing at giving and taking care of everyone first.

It can take a woman’s health to be compromised until she finally realizes that she needs to take better care of herself. I would love to see women care for themselves long before their health is jeopardized. Self care!

Simple lifestyle changes are the first thing a woman needs to address so she can take on a lighter load and focus on her priorities.

Start with these tips for improving your own self care:

1. Healthful nutrition to replenish the minerals and nutrients she has lost is required to gain vitality and the energy surges that comes with feeding others first.

2. Finding time to rest, relax and rejuvenate can take place in a matter of minutes, as are pockets of time to do things which bring on pleasure.

3. Asking for help, which so many women have a hard time doing, is also necessary as she adjusts to a new way of living with boundaries to protect her well-being and the ability to say no.

Radical self care allows women to value their place in the home and work place, and in turn benefits everyone around them!

Watch this radical self-care video for even more on radically loving and caring for yourself:


Listen to the latest Green Divas Healthy & Beauty podcast for more on living healthy and green…

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Christy FunkChristy Funk is an inspirational thought leader, a lifestyle coach, eco-beauty and wellness stylist, author, speaker and jewelry designer. She created the program, Radical Self-Love after her separation and has gone on to teach this work to women so they can finally show up to the world with vibrant and loving energy!

She coaches women in Radical Self-Love, Radical Self-Change and Super Sensual, hosts bi-yearly Luminate Retreats, Goddess Power lifestyle workshops and Unleash the Goddess Experience Events. Christy also designs a line of energy-infused jewelry, Chakiras Jewelry. She lives in California with her two boys ages nine and 11. You can connect with her at ChristyFunk.com or on Facebook.

~Asst. Ed. Green Diva Christine | Images via Shutterstock.

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