GVK: Animals to the Rescue

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dog and kitten to the rescue

Ever been rescued by animals?

I know I have.

In this GVK episode, I tell the story about how I ended up with a family of five feral cats. 


I love all animals. And I believe they deserve better. 

It is profoundly important that we take care of our animals, that we become good stewards to them.

There are hundreds of thousands domesticated animals languishing in shelters and being euthanized by the hundreds daily and yet people continue to breed more. Exotic animals, reptiles, fish and birds are captured and put into cages. This brings me great sorrow.

I see the day when no wild animal is caged, but, is safe to roam free in it’s natural environment. I see a day when there are no shelters and that our domesticated companions all have loving safe homes. I do my part every day to see that vision come into being. I hope that you will join me…

Listen to this GVK podcast about what animals mean to us.

Angel in repose

Angel in repose

I’ve always had a connection to cats.

Something about their independence and their ability to get out any jam just makes my heart sing!

Time spent with cats is never wasted. ~ Sigmund Freud

I have a good friend that I’ve known since kindergarten. Her parents had a lot more money than my parents did and so consequently, growing up, she had a lot more stuff than me.

One day she felt like making a big deal about what she had compared to me (you know how kids can be!): “I have four Partridge Family albums and you only have one and I have a banana seat bike and you have a stupid old boys bike!

So I looked in her the eye, knowing that she was indeed right about all that she had, and said, “Yeah? well, I’m part cat!

Her eyes got really wide and she panicked. She knew that was a hard one to beat, trying to convince me that she, too, was part cat. But, I was clear. “NO,  you’re not, but, I Am.” That was the end of it. I spoke my truth and she never tried to make me less than again.

Read about Green Diva Meg’s experience being rescued by her woof Gracie.

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Green Diva Kristin

Kristin Ace is a professional actress, storyteller, writer and healer. Her desire is to put all her gifts to use in raising the vibration of the Earth. With GVK (Good Vibrations with Kristin), she hosts a fun and inspiring podcast series featuring enlightening conversations. Kristin shares spiritual insights with her guests and audience with humor and grace.

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