7 Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

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The world of essential oils can be daunting.

But even the most novice essential oil user can learn to incorporate oils easily into their everyday lives. Yes, you too!

Here are seven easy ways to use more oils:

1. Lavender for cuts, burns and itches.

Lavender essential oil has many, many uses—but the most life changing for me has been using it on burns. I always seem to burn my hands when I am cooking, and I have many scars to show for it—but no new ones since I have used lavender essential oil on them! It also stops the itch immediately when an insect happens to take a bite of me, and is very soothing when I get a scratch.

2. Wild Orange in my laundry.

Citrus just always seems to smell clean. I love using wild orange, sweet orange or any other citrus oil in my laundry. I place a few drops in my fabric softener slot along with white vinegar (no more pricey, chemical filled fabric softeners in my house) and then a few drops on my wool dryer balls in the dryer, and bam!-–fresh, clean smelling laundry.

3. Peppermint for repelling spiders and insects.

Spiders and many other insects hate the smell of peppermint. I mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil with vodka or water in a spray bottle, and spray around doors, windows and anywhere else you think there may be critters. You do need to reapply often, if you have a lot of insect activity, or to keep them away for long periods.

4. Ginger for stomach issues.

It’s no secret that ginger helps ease stomach issues, but I actually apply a blend of essential oils to my stomach (rub on your skin, not taken internally) whenever a case of stomach flu or other ailments come around. The blend I use contains ginger, peppermint, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander and anise essential oils. It really is a life saver for the aches and uneasiness that comes along with stomach issues.

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5. Lemon for removing stubborn labels and stickers.

I’m a big upcycler, especially when it comes to pretty glass bottles and jars, but pesky labels and label residue can ruin a beautiful project. A few drops of lemon essential oil always does the trick!

6. Frankincense for scars.

The Three Wise Men had it right—Frankincense is really a treasure, it has so many uses and is very potent. It smells great, making it an enjoyable addition to your skincare routine for acne scars, wrinkles and other scars. I love adding it to my facial moisturizer oil.

7. Melaleuca for acne, athletes foot and yeast.

Melaleuca, or Tea Tree Oil, has strong anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes it great for any sort of bacterial or fungal issue on your skin, or in your home. It can do a great job on mold in the shower, too!

Oil quality is important.

When using any essential oil in or around your body, you want to make sure you are using an oil that is completely pure and not cut or diluted with any carrier or cheaper oils. Research the brand before you buy, you will often get what you pay for with essential oils. Organic oils are preferable, but not always available for every type of oil.


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