5 Thoughtful Holiday Hostess Gifts

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Hostess Gifts

Looking for host/ hostess gifts? Something original?

As the holiday season begins, you’ll likely be heading out to friends’ and families’ houses for parties and other events.

That calls for a hostess gift! And if you want to avoid the standby bottle of wine or booze, this is the list for you.

I talked to Green Diva Meg about it on the latest Green Divas DIY segment. Listen then read on for details…

Here are five easy and thoughtful hostess gifts to give this holiday season.

1. Charm them with home baked stuff.

Bake a batch of organic muffins, loaf of breakfast bread (like banana bread), or some bakery fresh English muffins and organic jam. Nothing is worse than the morning after you host a party, your house is still a mess and you have tons to clean up. Pamper your hosts with a pre-made breakfast that they can enjoy before they dive into the cleaning up. If you’re not a baker give them a gift certificate to their favorite breakfast or brunch place so they can get out of the house and leave the mess behind for an hour or two. 

2. Help the host/ hostess save trees with cloth napkins.

Even if your friend or family isn’t “green,” a collection of organic cloth napkins for the family to use everyday is timeless and elegant. (No need to tell them they’re saving trees by using them, unless they ask.) Tons of shops on Etsy sell amazing cloth napkins. You can also find them at garage sales throughout the year—we all have friends that would love some vintage napkins!

3. Presenting… homemade soda.

Have a soda machine? Get a few nice glass bottles and make a special recipe soda that can be used as a mixer or a stand alone drink at the party. All you need to do is make your bubbly water and add some fresh fruit juice to it. Those who don;t drink will appreciate this addition to the party. And those that do can add a splash of their favorite alcohol. Wrap a ribbon around the glass bottle with a little label to say what kind of soda it is. (Green Divas like the Soda Stream soda machine. Makes a great gift!)

4. Skip the flowers and get a house plant. 

Air pollution in your home is actually worse than outdoors in many homes—especially in the winter when the windows are closed and house plants help clean your household air. Stick to plants that don’t have fragrant flowers so you don’t aggravate guests who may have allergies. (Paper Whites are popular and beautiful but can bother many people’s allergies.) These five plants are easy to find and easy to take care of: pony tail palm, jade, aloe (great to have in the house for first aid), sago palm, and snake plant.

5. Bring a plate of organic cheeses with crackers.

Every Whole Foods I have ever been in has a huge cheese selection, but so do many other large grocery stores. If you have a specialty cheese store, then head over there and support your local business. Get a modest plate of cheese and crackers. This idea is better for a smaller get together, you don’t want to upstage the host menu. Don’t be offended if the host does not put it out because they already had a cheese platter planned (never hurts to call first), they’ll surely eat it in the days after the party. 

Do you have any favorite hostess gifts? 


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