Easy Raw Honey DIY Mask for Glowing Skin

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DIY honey mask

Written by Naomi Imatome-Yun.

Everything you need for a nourishing, moisturizing, and purifying honey face mask is probably right in your kitchen.

Just like we make an effort to detox the contents of our fridges, we also need to remember to detox our beauty cabinets. The easiest way to make sure you’re using safe, natural ingredients on your skin? Make a skin care mask you can eat.

This DIY mask made with raw honey is simple and delivers great results—a recipe for glowing skin!

DIY Raw Honey Face Mask for Glowing Skin
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  1. 1 tablespoon raw honey
  2. 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  3. 1 teaspoon mashed avocado
  1. Mix the ingredients together and apply to your skin as a face mask.
  2. Rinse off after 20 – 45 minutes.
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Benefits of Raw Honey on Skin:

is oozing with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. It’s also antibacterial, which makes it a good choice for oily or acne-prone skin. Honey moisturizes and cleanses at the same time.

Benefits of Lemon on Skin:

The citric acid and vitamin C in lemon impart a healthy glow and can help lighten sun spots and freckles over time.

Benefits of Avocado on Skin:

The vitamins and fat in avocado moisturize your skin and help reduce fine lines.

Try this DIY mask and let us know how much your skin glows.


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