Going with the flow: life lessons learned from water

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water quote, oceanwritten by Katie Wells

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  ~ Tao Te Ching

I made a date with myself and I wrote it in my book, days ago. I would take this time to be in the mountains. I didn’t allow anything to distract me from this opportunity to connect with Mother Nature’s energies and to find stillness in a busy world

I caught myself thinking several times, in the days and hours leading up to my Nature Date, that this or that obligation was more pressing, more important. “No,” I remembered.

Nothing is more pressing or important than the willingness to nourish myself and to connect with the elements.

Not doing this amounts to limiting my joy in life, limiting my passion, and limiting my connection to Spirit. This is how I replenish my resources. Things have been extra-pressurized lately, for me and for everyone, it seems. Life is busy.

We are becoming aware that our circumstances are often not reflecting our true heart’s desires. We understand that we want to share our gifts and that we yearn to live more passionately and creatively.

How do we navigate this weaving of passion and creativity with the everyday details and responsibilities of life?

This morning, the water helped me to remember some things about resistance and flow. Colorado is so dry! I miss the water! Today, I was delighted to see that the creek was flowing with gusto and abundance! I could instantly feel the shift in the environment from dry to moist. Flowers, trees and other greeneries are so vibrant and juicy when they have an abundant supply of water.

I realized, I need to visit the water often, to remember the water in me, if I am not to shrivel up and dry out. I breathed in the soft, moist air: full of water, of life itself. I felt my skin, my cells, my organs drink thirstily. I took in the beautiful power and strength of the fast-flowing water

I remember! I am made of this! I have this abundance of life and vitality within me. I have this power and strength within me.

Water is whatever it needs to be, now.

Shape-shifting, adapting to this moment’s environment. I don’t imagine the water at the top of a waterfall fearful or resisting change as I do. A silly image came to me of all the water droplets fearfully clinging to whatever they could so that they didn’t go over the edge into the unknown. Noooooooooo! I don’t want to go! It just doesn’t happen…

I thought of how water can be so forceful, so strong. How it can destroy. It can deal with fire, no problem. Yet, none of this with aggression or malice—just going with the flow.

Water can also be so healing and soothing in its stillness, yet this is no passive state. If the circumstances require rapid and forceful movement, so be it. If the circumstances require absolute stillness, so be it.

A gentle trickle, a drip, a powerful fountain, it’s all water. We are made of this.

Water is associated with the emotions. water word

All of our emotions can be an opportunity to go along with the flow, with what is required in the moment, rather than resisting it.

If we are filled with a deep sadness, let’s find joy in this moment anyway! If we’re fearful of what lies ahead, let’s go anyway! Let’s trust that we’ll find ourselves in the next moment, and the next. And that in each moment, we can adapt.

I watched the flow of the creek wash over a large rock. When we feel more like the rock—in our hard places, immobile and stuck—we can let the water flow over us. We can let whatever is coming at us just wash over us. We can be gentle with our own immobility and just allow it to be what it is.

The water rushing over the rock only serves, over time, to soften its rough edges.


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