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Think all you can do in a minute is brush your teeth or order a pizza? The What You Can Do web and TV series shows how we can help change the world in just a minute. The series features hundreds of easy ways to take action – such as downloading an app to find sustainable seafood, conserving water while brushing your teeth and starting a chain of kindness with a simple act. We team up with top non-profits to show how we can make a difference for global concerns such as hunger and climate change in our everyday lives. One minute doesn't sound like a lot, but uniting our actions can add up to real change for our local communities and the world. What You Can Do was recognized as an official Webby Award honoree in 2013 and has screened at the Manhattan Film Festival, HollyWeb Festival and LA Web Fest. Find out more about the series at: www.whatyoucando.com and join the conversation at:www.facebook.com/whatyoucando.
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