Green Divas Mystery Steps & the Zen of Perfect Timing

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green divas mystery steps image by lynn hasselberger

Beyond the virtual playground… green divas meet in real life.

It was a rare and wonderful treat to smash through the virtual playground we so often live and operate through these days, and actually get together—in person, gasp—and play with Green Diva Lynn Hasselberger.

What’s fascinating to me is that we had a strong working relationship and budding friendship founded before we ever met in person. I realize that in this time of digital community, it isn’t all that unusual, but it’s still sometimes rare to have reality exceed your virtual expectations. Perfect timing too.

I’ve been cyber-stalking Lynn for a couple of years and doing my best to convince her that she is indeed a green diva and needs to come and check out the GD scene. There may be people with larger numbers, but for me Lynn Hasselberger is the center of the social media networking world. At least from a green diva perspective. 8 things you can do to celebrate earth day

As the waves of change once again rolled around the Green Divas studio, I had that hellish and shaky time of doubt where the foundation that seemed so solid cracked open and laughed as I staggered to find footing.

Tree hugging and toe dipping.

So, as I clung to the nearest tree (like the tree-hugging image? works, right?), I remembered that if I rolled with it, I would get a bit of a ride and when it was done shaking, I would know what to do. Clinging and stiff resistance just don’t help in these situations.

lynn hasselberger green diva

When I tentatively opened my eyes, there was Lynn who just happened to be between projects and after my 20th time of reaching out to gauge her interest level, said, “Sure, let’s try this. I’ll dip my big toe in and see how it feels.” I’m paraphrasing a bit, but the big-toe thing is pretty accurate.

Within a couple of short weeks, what started as a Facebook and social media acquaintance had turned into a really fun, energized friendship and alliance, and she was chest-deep in green divadom. The ideas were flying like hot little sparks illuminating small concepts into much bigger ones and often sparking wildfires of super-charged ideas that were deliciously distracting and way too much fun.

Yup. We were hooked. And ironically, I had just surrendered to the fact that after many attempts to find a soul sister to journey with, that I might just be a solitary green diva after all. Heavy sigh . . . moving on. But isn’t it almost always that way? When you let go of what you THINK you want or need, the universe finally has the opportunity to present the perfect thing at the perfect time. Oy. Why do I ever doubt?

Green Divas Lynn & Meg in Green Diva Studio

Taking the next step.

Being a brave green diva, Lynn packed her bags and left her husband, her son E, and her fluffy babies behind for an adventure east, to Boonton, New Jersey. To the Green Divas HQ. To my house and home of the Green Divas. A well-meaning friend said to her, “Are you sure you want to stay in her house? What if you don’t like each other and things go poorly? You’ll be trapped!” 

But, like the picture (at top of page) she took of my neighbor’s steps (which we had a running joke about . . . the steps to nowhere, stairway to heaven, etc.), there was a magical and heartfelt pull that drew us both into this journey, this path and up towards that mysterious light. Dunno where it leads, but it seems like the right thing to do. 

From the moment I saw her at the airport and we hugged, we jumped into our li’l Smarty Marty’s Rent A Wreck (shameless sponsor plug. Hey, why not? It’s true!), we spent the next four days in a harmonious flow of ideas, smoothies, tea, tap-tap-tapping of our keyboards, studio fun, walks, talks, veggie juice breaks, more ideas, a little sleep, a little chocolate, healthy food, and endless astonishment at how easy we fell into a natural, productive rhythm. 

I had a bitchy moment of questioning of the universe about why this had taken so long to occur, and I quickly got that like this spring, which seemed annoyingly late, it is perfectly timed. Everything is perfectly timed. 

So the Green Divas rise from the cold dirt of another winter season to bloom again, and Lynn and I gather our sense of adventure and climb those stairs into the mystery, giggling all the way. 

Listen to this wonderful episode of the Green Divas Radio Show featuring GD Lynn in the studio!

As you’ll often hear me say on the radio show,

stay tuned . . . 

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Green Diva Meg'

(aka Megan McWilliams Bouchard) is the founder of The Green Divas media brand and GDGD Radio Network (the first green and healthy living radio network on earth for the earth). She's the producer and host of the popular 50 Shades of Green Divas podcast (formerly the Green Divas Radio Show), and now the refreshing and inspiring GD Spirit Pub podcast. Green Diva Meg is a well-known green living expert and media personality.

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  1. Green Diva Lynn May 10, 2014 at 3:51 pm -  Reply

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Meg! Like magic! xoxo

    Green Diva Meg May 10, 2014 at 4:47 pm -  Reply

    ha ha ha – seriously, the most fun i’ve had working in a long time. thanks GD Lynn!

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