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Charles Chen---the youngest self taught chef to teach at Whole Foods Market---is the founder of RawYouth.org, a thriving community focused on healthy living, inspiration and empowerment with over 275,000 subscribers. Charles used to weigh 260 pounds ate Mcdonalds everyday, pre-diabetic and depressed. Now he's eating goji berries and sipping on green juice. At age 25 he has transformed his life through adopting a whole foods lifestyle and he's passionate about helping others to do the same. He recently launched his cooking party tour "PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH" and is currently working on a lifestyle cooking show called "The Switch," finding healthy switches to your guilty pleasures! Think of Charles as Jamie Oliver + Rachel Ray's adopted Asian son. 
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  1. Conie|Mexico Timeshare Scam (reply)

    May 9, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Nice article, thanks for sharing, it was so interesting. I love your blog!!

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