3 Coffee Alternatives for Health & Energy

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Listen to this fun Green Divas Radio Show Foodie-Phile segment featuring Charles Chen of Raw Youth talking about the benefits of switching from caffeine to Yerba Mate.

Most people wake up every single day and go straight for the cup of coffee!

crazy for coffeeCoffee can be healthy in moderation, but in large amounts can be very dehydrating and acidic to our bodies. Not to mention many people have more than one cup a day with added sugar and cream. No worries! There are coffee alternatives that never compromise in taste, and don’t give you the crash!

1:  Yerba Mate 

Yerba Mate comes from South American filled with polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Buy organic! You can even buy them in loose leave form.

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Supports Mental Clarity
  • Increases Endurance
  • Aids Digestion
  • Controls Weight  

2: Cacao  

This is unlike conventional chocolate which are filled with sugar, milk and preservatives. Raw Cacao is one of the most powerful foods in the world, filled with magnesium, theobromineand flavonoids. 

Raw Cacao Powder

Raw Cacao Powder

  • Fights Free Radicals 
  • Aids Increase Endorphins 
  • Increased Energy
  • Can help Lower Blood Pressure
  • Helps Digestion

Check out my Coffee Alternative Elixir!

3: Green Juice

Green Juice

Green Juice

Green Juice is like getting all your daily vegetables servings in a glass! Filled with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. This will help alkalize your system, and give you that extra kick to start your day off right! I suggest making your own, or buying cold-pressed organic juices to ensure enzymes are readily available.

  • Mineral Rich For Strong Bones
  • Aids Digestion 
  • Flushes Our Toxins
  • Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Clear Beautiful Skin 

How To Make Green Juice Without a Juicer!



Listen the entire Green Divas Radio show here:

More Charles Chen Recipes & Tips @ CharlesChen.tv 

About the author / 

Green Dude Charles

Charles Chen---the youngest self taught chef to teach at Whole Foods Market---is the founder of RawYouth.org, a thriving community focused on healthy living, inspiration and empowerment with over 275,000 subscribers. Charles used to weigh 260 pounds ate Mcdonalds everyday, pre-diabetic and depressed. Now he's eating goji berries and sipping on green juice. At age 25 he has transformed his life through adopting a whole foods lifestyle and he's passionate about helping others to do the same. He recently launched his cooking party tour "PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH" and is currently working on a lifestyle cooking show called "The Switch," finding healthy switches to your guilty pleasures! Think of Charles as Jamie Oliver + Rachel Ray's adopted Asian son. 

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