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  1. Cathy G. (reply)

    July 23, 2014 at 8:49 am

    wonderful article. I just got a variable speed pump and it is working out wonderfully. I have actually written a little article about it because my son convinced me to take my passion for green living and be proactive and try my hand at writing. I’ve never been much of a writer but here is my story about how I got my variable speed pool pump!

    I didn’t need any convincing to join the green movement. My contributions started out small: I ditched the plastic water bottle for a reusable water bottle, made the transition from standard light bulbs to high-efficiency, LED light bulbs, and tried to take my bike instead of my car whenever I could. While small, these changes yielded results! Not only did my monthly utility bills go down, but the increase in exercise made me feel great! So, I began considering other ways I could reduce my carbon footprint. I said goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to eco-friendly cleaning products, started buying in bulk and taking shorter showers. But one of biggest switches I made (and also one of the easiest) was right in my backyard. Who knew?
    It’s no secret, we Floridians love our pools. There are 14 on my street alone! So, at the start of pool season, I couldn’t help but notice swimming pool service trucks pulling up to my neighbor. When I inquired about it, she told me that she was exchanging her single speed pump for an energy-efficient, cost-effective variable speed pump.
    A variable speed pump? What’s that?
    I have a friend in California who is basically taught me everything I know about going green. When I gave him a call to see what he knew about this he said that he had just recently had one installed. A variable speed pump, when properly programmed, can be between 40% and 80% more efficient than a single speed pump. The difference in percentage is due to different pumps but more so because of the way it is installed by the technician.
    So, I talked to him, did some research and talked to a couple of pool technicians. Apparently, unlike a single speed pump, which will run continuously, a variable speed pump will only work as hard as it needs to. Every pool is different and therefore has different needs. The average homeowner saves up to 60 to 70% on their monthly utility bill after making the switch from a traditional speed pump to a variable speed pump. Plus, a variable speed pump has a near-silent operation and a long service life. At this point, the prospect of getting one seems like a really good idea.
    First however, I had an eco-friendly pool technician come to my home and performed a free home energy survey of my pool system, and with my electricity bill, he calculated what my pool system was costing me and what I would save with a high efficiency filtration. It was around.
    The change I made may seem like a small “splash” in the grand scheme of things. But, multiply that small splash by 14 (that’s right most of the people on my street have got one or are getting one) and that small splash quickly becomes a small wave! Who would have thought that something as simple as a pool pump could make such a big difference?
    Two things I highly recommend when you get a variable speed pool pump. 1) Get a reputable technician that is familiar with the technology because the pump itself will save you around 40% but it is the technical set up that will make it up to 80% or so. 2) Make sure they perform a free energy survey so you know how efficient the system should be and that they can give some form of a guarantee.
    I got the work done by a person I met through my neighbor, who was a friend of theirs so I got the work done at a low rate. My friend in California got it done by Eco-Solar. That company services only northern Cali but they have a good website for both basic and technical information. http://WWW.ECOSOLARPOOLS.NET
    Other sites I would recommend for research purposes are: http://www.pentairpool.com/products/pumps-inground-intelliflo-variable-speed-pump-430.htm this is the company for my variable speed pump. But I’m sure there are many other quality brands out there.

    Thanks green divas!

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