Cox sustainability initiatives make significant impact

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Cox conserves - sustainability initiatives - southern solar farm project


Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success

~ William Clay Ford Jr. 

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency for Cox Enterprises; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are The Green Divas.


For some of us earthy crunchy types, who are deeply concerned about climate change and the environment, it’s easy to dislike big corporations that so often have profits and bottom lines as a priority. But companies like Cox Enterprises are stepping up with massive sustainability initiatives that are already having a positive impact.

We generally shy away from corporate and company profile stories, but this one got our attention because Cox Enterprises has made a serious commitment to improve their corporate carbon footprint. 

In addition to being a leading communications, media and automotive services company, Cox Enterprises has some rather impressive environmental goals being implemented now through Cox Conserves, their national sustainability program. They are heavily investing in the belief that what is good for the environment is good for the bottom line.

Since 2007, Cox has offset 102, 360 tons of CO2; saved 62 million gallons of water through conservation; and diverted 101,945 tons of waste. They have some serious goals listed on their website that include: sending zero waste to landfill by 2024, and to be carbon and water neutral by 2044. 

Those stats are getting an accelerated bump from their recent announcement to add four large solar installations in the Southeast. This is one of 30 solar projects that Cox has completed over the past decade. 

The Southeast Solar Farm is one example of the the company’s renewable energy initiatives and the type of sustainable technology investments the recently-assembled Cox Cleantech team (an extension of Cox Conserves) will be focusing on.

The infographic below gives you an idea of the breadth of the impact the Southeast Solar Farm is expected to have (remember one of 30 solar projects!) … 

cox enterprises infographic - sustainability initiatives - southern solar farm


So, for those of you that are Cox customers, you can feel better about using their services as you are contributing to some great climate positive programs. As corporations go, they seem to be much cooler than I would’ve expected! What we do as individuals helps, but we need more companies like Cox to step up their game to help accelerate the change we need to significantly slow down and shift the tide of climate change. Good job Cox. Keep going!

To learn more about the Southeast Solar Farm Fund, click here!


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