Solar Schools Saving Big Money Going 100% Renewable

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North Carolina school districts are leading the way
with 100% renewable energy plans

With improvements to solar policies in the state (North Carolina), including the allowance of third party energy sales and upgrades to net metering policy, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (CMS) could save $54.6 million and Durham Public Schools (DPS) could save $16.3 million over 25 years, an 11 percent savings without upfront costs using an increasingly common arrangement.

Green Diva Meg had a chance to speak with Hannah Mitchell, field coordinator for Greenpeace in North Carolina who talked about the Power Our Schools campaign to help create 100% renewable energy systems for school districts in North Carolina. Please listen to this Greenpeace GDs . . .

The reports, commissioned by the Repower Our Schools coalition, examined multiple scenarios to identify financially attractive options for the districts. Under current policies, the districts could save the most money over the next 25 years by powering schools with ground-mounted PV solar using a partnership-flip financing model, which allows schools to obtain the system after seven years of joint ownership with third-party investors.

“Solar installations at North Carolina schools would bring the jobs of tomorrow into the classroom today,” said Dr. Wafa Khalil, a retired science and energy teacher of 23 years. “Teachers could incorporate solar into the curriculum and let students witness its advantages firsthand.”

The money saved over 25 years with third party energy sales and net metering improvements is equivalent to 1,357 annual starting teacher salaries for CMS and 414 for DPS, which is a substantially smaller school district.

Here’s an infographic that illustrates the benefit of third-party energy sales and net metering . . .

solar schools infographic

Do you have third-party energy sales and net metering in your state? If not, perhaps it’s time to get active and help make it happen!  Please also visit to learn more about their many campaigns to help make a better planet for all of us.


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