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Listen to this fascinating discussion with Sabine Lichtenfels—she participated in Walking Water pilgrimage, which is a unique and positive way of celebrating and bringing greater awareness to water—then read on for an excerpt from her book Arise. ~ Ed.

System Change, in Water and in Love

From the book “Arise,” by Sabine Lichtenfels

Ecology has taught us that desertified and eroded landscapes cannot be healed with dammed-up rivers, concrete canals, and monoculture agriculture. They are healed when we again allow the rains to sink into the body of the earth. A natural humus layer could develop again in this way, and biotopes would then flourish in healthy diversity. It is through diversity that systems can achieve their desired stability. Nature itself can achieve this process, but human beings can support and thus accelerate it.

Love works in a similar way. It needs a community in which couples, families, and single people are embedded; communities in turn are embedded in the wider societal system. These communities affirm and respect eros, rather than suppressing it. If we can become quiet enough, we can feel life pulsing though us, wanting to offer us its answers. Love works according to its own logic, and we can study this logic. Love and eros want to be free–as do all living things. They want to be able to move according to their nature.

Once we have recognized this, as a consequence we will look for ways to live so that honesty, rather than war, arises in love; so that trust can grow, instead of separation-anxiety. So that, yes, peace can blossom even when a beloved one gives his or her attention to another. Instead of following the habits of jealousy and love-drama, we can come to the insight that, also when the subject is love, stability and permanence arise as a result of diversity and freedom.

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Just as a ruined landscape can be healed with retention landscapes, the ruined situation in love can also be transformed back into living love, watered with the springs of love and joy.

We have imprisoned water in plastic-lined ponds, and straightened its flow with concrete canals; and in the same way have imprisoned our love relationships in the too-small cage of marriage. Yet we must bring an end to this fear of losing love. Love wants to move freely, like water. It wants to meander, to move… but also to root deeply itself in stable relationships, just like water wants to sink deep into the earth.

Love needs the setting of community, just like water wishes for natural retention landscapes.

For love and for water, the same law of nature applies: It remains pure and eternally refreshed, when it can move according to its true nature.

About the author.

Sabine Lichtenfels, ”Tamera Summer University 2007

photograph: 2007 by Nigel Dickinson


Sabine Lichtenfels, born in 1954. She is author of many books, freelance theologian, peace activist and co-founder of Peace Research Center Tamera, Portugal.

Her spectrum of knowledge and activity comprises: international peace work, cooperation with the Plan of the Healing Biotopes, community knowledge, spiritual research, a new female consciousness, reconciliation between the genders, truth in love and eros. With her comprehensive knowledge and her radical commitment she is an ambassador for a global perspective for peace.

She was nominated as one of the “1000 women for Peace” for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005




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