Mom & Baby: 5 Natural Ingredients to Soothe Skin Safely

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Baby bath labels packed with parabens and phthalates are enough to make a green mom’s hair stand on end.

All these intricate chemical formulas, however, really can’t beat the benefits of organic balm, oil, and body wash coming straight from Mother Nature herself.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already trying to keep your baby’s bum away from shady ingredients. However, that might not necessarily mean that you know what to look for on natural labels to really get the most skin-nourishing salves.

Here’s a list of five natural ingredients to soothe skin safely, and that you’ll probably love spreading on your own skin as well!

Antibacterial Beeswax

Baby Bathtime Zoe Organics True Goods Green DivasBeeswax is used in myriad cosmetics because its esters (those good-smelling byproducts of fermentation), gel so well with human skin. Beeswax doesn’t cause irritation, and in fact it’s known to soothe abrasions and calm itching. Even better? The active biological components in beeswax, present even after processing, help fight bacteria, making it an effective element in organic nipple balm and diaper cream (since you won’t even need to wash it off before breastfeeding).

Blissful Cocoa Butter

It’s no secret that cocoa butter is more than just candy for the skin. Chock-full of antioxidants and vitamin E, it’s ideal for moisturizing, protecting, and conditioning skin without plugging up pores. Another fun fact: its melting point is the same as the human body’s, so it’s easy to spread on stretch marks as well as tender baby skin.

Cut-Healing Calendula

You might not be as familiar with the calendula flower as you are with others, such as lavender or geranium (two other choice components in infant skincare products). This sunny member of the daisy family is also called a pot marigold. While there are some who recommend avoiding calendula while pregnant, it has been used as an anti-inflammatory for centuries and packs a punch against diaper rash.

Calming Chamomile

The same blossBaby Bath Zoe Organics True Goods Green Divasom-based tea that you use to help rock yourself to sleep at night is excellent for soothing inflammation of the skin. This anti-inflammatory is also an antibacterial and antiviral substance. With all these benefits (plus its pleasant aroma) chamomile is an ingredient to look for in organic diaper balm, as it can help to aid in both preventing and reducing painful rashes.

Cleansing Castile Soap

Nefarious fragrances and irritants in regular baby bath can hurt your baby’s eyes, skin, and even cause asthma attacks. Gentle, cleansing castile soap forms a better base for bath time. Castile soap often comes entirely from plant derivatives, and as a base can be scented with your favorite pure essential oils. No caustic chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, or irritating foaming agents.

One more benefit of focusing on these natural ingredients in your baby’s bathing and diapering routines? Not only can you be confident about what’s going on you and your baby’s skin, but also the companies who make these products often use organic, sustainable substances, manufacturing, and packaging. So while making baby happy, you’re also doing a solid for the planet. Talk about a win-win!

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