Eco-trash Sculpture Artist Bruce Gray

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gears table by bruce gray

Gears Table

Trash to Treasure Sculpture and Mobiles by Bruce Gray

For about ten years I followed Bruce as a guy who took more stuff out of the trash than he put in. He initially tickled my fancy for recycled materials made into art with his Motorcycle #1 sculpture featuring model Eve Ellis.

Motorcycle #1 was constructed in heavy industrial steel-found objects.

That included two very heavy massive railroad equipment gears for wheels, a train coupling link for the seat, giant train springs for shocks, oversized chain, and a BMW R75/5 motorcycle engine with tail pipes. Slightly oversized, it looked ride-able! Yet the engine was nonfunctional and only meant to be enjoyed visually.

recycled motorcycle by bruce gray

Motorcycle #1

The featured image here is titled Gears Table, fabricated from 35 industrial gears in steel, stainless steel and brass.

Stunning and unique, this heavy-duty coffee table includes hidden welds to make it look like it could almost function in some unexpected way. For about $6,000 you can contact Bruce to create a similar table as this one sold.

Bruce continues to pull materials from a dumpster…

Or he receives a company trash donation, typically in his Los Angeles studio region. A more recent creation is Bing the Robot, who is now a TV celebrity!

Find more precious sculptures on Bruce’s Found Objects page, such as Barking Dog (private collection), made from steel-found objects. Gee, no vet or food bills from this guard dog.

barking dog by Bruce Gray

Barking Dog

Bruce’s style is fun, colorful and visually stimulating. His sense of humor is conveyed through object works of people, animals, insects, or dinosaurs. Each is honored a unique personality and is truly inspiring to any trash-hunting sculptor.

Check out more of Bruce’s endeavours on his YouTube page.


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