Green Divas Radio Show: Getting Beyond Coal is Sexy

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beyond coal is sexy

This week’s show is loaded with inspiration. We talked again with Mary Anne Hitt from Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign and if you think people can’t make a difference, listen to this interview! Speaking of listening, check out the Green Divas myEARTH360 report featuring Dayna Reggero, who launched the Climate Listening Project. Also Women’s Voices for the Earth tell us about the dangers in the salon and Brigitte Mars talks about how menopause can be sexy with herbs. Plus… quick gardening tips from The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener.

Enjoy the show then scroll down for the links and resources plus how to take action for climate action.

Green Divas Health & Beauty

Many of us are wary of all the chemicals we can be exposed to in salons, and we do our best to minimize contact with them. Imagine if it was your job and you had to breathe them in and handle them every day! Listen to this Green Divas Health & Beauty podcast to get a greater awareness of salon toxins and what you can do to help salon workers. Then read this informative post for more info and how to take action.

Green Divas myEARTH360 Report

Are you experiencing climate change impact in your community? And in what ways are folks rallying to adapt and meet the challenges caused by climate disruption? Dayna Reggero launched an important Climate Listening project in her community of Western North Carolina. Listen to what she is learning from people who are telling their stories in this special GD myEARTH360 Report… then watch Dayna’s inspiring video.

Green Divas Eco-Sexy

Okay. So, we found out in part one of this series that menopause CAN be sexy and about some foods to help. In this Green Divas Eco-Sexy: Menopause is Sexy podcast, we’re all about herbs—not just for women of a certain age either — herbs for men and women. We thought we knew a lot about herbs, but there are some things we’ve never heard of. Great info! Listen up then find out more about the numbers behind menopause in this infographic.

Take action!

Let’s get beyond coal. Power plants produce more than one-third of America’s greenhouse gases—more than any other source!

Retiring one dirty coal-burning plant will prevent more than 29 premature deaths, 47 heart attacks, 491 asthma attacks and 22 asthma emergency room visits.

Tell President Obama you support strong climate action.

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