GD Animal of the Week: And the Fox Says…

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what does the fox say

The Fox: Resourceful, intelligent and super cute—what more could you ask for?

If you live in a semi-rural area, or really anywhere with a few trees, you’ve probably seen a fox at least once.

Most likely a Red Fox, to be exact, as they are the most common type of fox found in North America.

Watch this red fox diving for field mice buried deep beneath the snow…

If you’re lucky (brave?) enough to live in, or visit areas in Northern Canada, Alaska or the Arctic, you might also catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Arctic Fox.

arctic fox

And for those in the Sahara Desert and elsewhere in Northern Africa, the Fennec Fox is an adorable creature that I just cant stop watching in the video below.

The first time I saw a fox in the neighborhood during the day, I was alarmed—after all, we’ve always been told that most wildlife creatures are nocturnal, and they would only be out during the day if they are rabid! However, it’s not unusual to see foxes scampering around your home during the day, nor is it cause for alarm. Foxes are very unlikely carriers for rabies, and we humans are actually to blame for most of their brazen behavior.

They adapt quickly to whatever gets them food without much negative consequence—pet food left on a porch, unsecured garbage, or scraps meant for the birds—even if it means some close contact with humans. It is in their nature to fear humans, but like many other animals, they learn to associate humans with food.

So the next time you come face to face with this furry friend, dont panic—but also take a look around to make sure you’re not ringing the dinner bell for them around your home. They are not terribly destructive creatures, unlike squirrels and chipmunks (who can tear holes in your attic, or dig burrows around the footings of your home!), but they’re wild animals that should be kept at a safe distance.

Just in case this song was not already stuck in your head the whole time reading this, here you go.

(You’re welcome.)



Love Wildlife? Listen to this Green Divas Heart Wildlife podcast to learn more about how you can adopt a wild creature, and make a difference!

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