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spiritual hallway

Find your way into acceptance with this GVK podcast…

In this episode, I talk about signs you are doing some spiritual growth and ways to get through those times when you just aren’t feelin’ it. After listening, please read on for more about the spiritual hallway of life…

Who likes to wait? Ugh, definitely not me! 

Now add waiting in the “dark” and I can become a full blown maniac of need. I move fast, think fast and create fast. But, the reality is that my Higher Self needs me to be quiet sometimes. And by quiet, I mean in a black-out-curtain-room-with-sound-mufflers-on-my-ears-and-weights-on-my-body-quiet (my Higher Self is not very subtle—hahaha, no surprise).

I will be the first to tell you that I have found each of these quiet times quite challenging. Until I found my way into acceptance.

Finding possibility in the Void…spiritual hallway 2

Lots of people will know this quiet as “the hallway”… I call it the Void. The Void, in Native American belief, is where it all began. And by “it,” I mean all of it, including Great Spirit (also known as God, All That Is, Allah, etc.).

The void is where all possibility is. It is the unknown. And while it can be frustrating while you’re in it, I guarantee that something exciting, beautiful and wondrous will come at the end of it. The key to moving through the Void is—yes, you guessed it—acceptance.

I don’t know the reason why we have pain or confusion or feel stuck. I do know that it seems to be part of the process of evolving, transmuting and healing. And I know that when I move out of that space, something life changing is always waiting for me. And while I know that I desire to move upward with ease, to shift without pain, it hasn’t seemed to happen that way too often.

So, until I’m zipping upward with the ease of a bird in flight, I must Trust that my Higher Self is managing this aspect of my life with love and that I’m in good hands. I have witnessed miracles while in the Void—dead willow branches sprouting roots, flowers sprouting up with no light or water, Spirit visits, premonitory dreams.

Coming out of it I have experienced heart healing, creative jumps, heightened awareness, psychic jumps and more. But, to get there, at least so far, I had to enter the Void.

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Green Diva Kristin

Kristin Ace is a professional actress, storyteller, writer and healer. Her desire is to put all her gifts to use in raising the vibration of the Earth. With GVK (Good Vibrations with Kristin), she hosts a fun and inspiring podcast series featuring enlightening conversations. Kristin shares spiritual insights with her guests and audience with humor and grace.

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