Green Divas Radio Show: Hawaiian Permaculture & More

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A full show with a lot of great information — from our discussion with permaculture dude Eric Ellenwood from the Kalani, in Hawai’i to GD Lynn Hasselberger’s excellent Green Divas myEARTH360 report on food production and why we need to pay attention. Toss in a Green Divas Eco-Sexy segment with Brigitte Mars and a lil Green Divas Green Thumb segment and you’ve got everything you need for the week . . . well sort of . . .

Speaking of Hawai’i . . . The Green Divas are getting psyched for their upcoming trip to Hawai’i to participate in the annual Puna Culinary Festival at the beautiful Kalani retreat, which encompasses 120 acres of organic agriculture and preserved lands on the original or ‘big island’ of Hawai’i. The Puna Culinary Festival celebrates farm-to-fork Hawaiian style culminating in the PupuPalooza Appetizer Competition. The Green Divas will be learning and reporting on many other aspects of eco-living on Hawai’i as well, so please stay tuned.

Want to join the Green Divas at the Kalani? You know you want to! The Kalani is offering a significant discount to all our green divas and dudes — check out the details here, and please consider joining us for the Puna Culinary Festival! 

While you are making plans to come play at the Kalani, please listen to this great Green Divas Radio Show and catch our wonderful talk with Eric Ellenwood, the permaculture expert at the Kalani . . . 

Green Divas myEARTH360 Report

Wow. It’s taken us 10,000 years to learn to grow as much food as we are growing now — in just 4 short decades, we have to double it . . . yikes! GD Lynn Hasselberger has more shocking statistics about this, some possible solutions. She also talks about roof tiles that could seriously reduce air pollution. Listen to this excellent Green Divas myEARTH360 report . . . and read more environmental news highlights in Lynn’s blog post.

Green Divas Green Thumb

This Green Divas Green Thumb segment features Joey and Holly Baird, The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardeners, who tell us a lot about how to create excellent compost with free resources.

Green Dudes

Rocket stoves are actually NOT rocket science, but simple technology that can easily be built w/ a variety of accessible resources to help provide safe and economical cooking facilities for those in developing countries. Great conversation with Green Dude Jeff MacIntire-Strasburg, publisher of Check it out then read more about it here.

Green Divas Eco-Sexy

Another excellent Green Divas Eco-Sexy podcast featuring Brigitte Mars, herbalist and author of the Sexual Herbal. The nose knows . . . this episode she talks about aromatherapy and which scents can help put you in the mood, and which ones might not . . . (definitely a mild PG for this one). Read Brigitte’s full blog post for seven essential oils that turn on the passion!

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