No-Stress Mercury Retrograde & More Astrology for June

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We have been looking for answers in the stars for as long as we have been able to look up.

Luckily for us, we have astrologers and astronomers to help us understand the messages that are there! In our recent podcast, featuring John Wessels Master Astrologer, will give us dates to pay attention to and what we can expect during these times for the month of June — including another fun mercury retrograde!

When my son, Landon, was a baby, I went to a Master Astrologer for a reading. At the time, Jeff, Landon and I were living in a small town outside of Boston, MA. She told me many things and all of it rang true, accept this one piece. She told me that we would be moving at the end of October because Jeff was getting a new job. I told her that she was mistaken. After all, we had moved back to Boston from Brooklyn, NY, only two years ago so that Jeff could stay with the firm he had been telecommuting for.  He had been with this firm for 12 years, loved his job and had no intention of leaving. Besides it was September and I couldn’t see how anything that big would happen that fast. The astrologer smiled and said, “Well, your chart says otherwise”.

A week later, Jeff came home from work with what he said was “interesting news.” A firm in NJ had reached out to him for an interview—could he come immediately? My jaw dropped. I said “Well, I guess we are moving to NJ.”  Jeff laughed and said, no, no. But, funnily enough, he had seen the ad for that job in the Wall Street Journal a month before and while it looked really interesting, he wasn’t in need of a job and so he recycled the paper and went about his day. But, now, his interest was piqued and he wanted to go for the sake of going. Well he had 3 interviews within two weeks, was offered and accepted the job before the end of October! We sold our house in one day and Jeff went on ahead of me while I finished up a play that I was performing in.

I was a believer before that day, but, that experience brought the planets, moon and stars into my orbit like never before . . . 

Listen to this excellent episode of GVK featuring John Wessels, and hear some great tips for minimizing the stress of mercury retrograde and how to get the most out of all the astrological aspects in June 2014!

Listen to more GVK here.

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Green Diva Kristin'

Kristin Ace is a professional actress, storyteller, writer and healer. Her desire is to put all her gifts to use in raising the vibration of the Earth. With GVK (Good Vibrations with Kristin), she hosts a fun and inspiring podcast series featuring enlightening conversations. Kristin shares spiritual insights with her guests and audience with humor and grace.

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