Green Divas Radio Show: the ‘Green’ Mafia Hairdresser

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green divas radio show post for 3.14.14 show

A great show this week. It’s fun having Green Dude Paul Miller back in the studio! You may have noticed a few changes on the show and on our website. Hope you will take a little time to explore our amazing new website implemented by my blog super hero, Alicia Voorhies of Clever Kiwi Design. It should be easier to find posts and podcasts by topic and category now. We are welcoming a host of new Green Divas who will be participating in regular Green Divas Radio Show segments and contributing to the blog.

We even have a new theme song, which will be opening up next week’s show! A talented friend and Green Dude himself, Robert Reynolds and his musical accomplice, Ernie Halter wrote this and Ernie performs it. So much fun!

We had a lot of fun talking to the Mafia Hairdresser, Jon David about the greening of hair salons. 

Listen to this great Green Divas Radio Show podcast featuring the Mafia Hairdresser . . .

Green Divas myEARTH360 Environmental News Update

Green Divas myEARTH360 collage image for 3.13.14  As always an excellent collection of the week’s latest environmental news with a range of WTF news like, how much water is used in the process of making dairy products; of course there is always some encouraging news, like M&M Mars making a commitment to minimize their negative impact on vital rainforests; and GD Lynn offers a couple of actions one can take in support of the environment.  Read the full Green Divas myEATH360 report to get all the deets, and listen to this excellent Green Divas myEARTH360 podcast

Green Divas DIY

Green Divas DIY: Kids Wooden Memory Game

Green Diva Leigh’s first DIY segment was perfectly timed! She offered a great tutorial on how to make a woodenmemory game for kids as easy plastic-free party favors for small kids. It just so happens that GD Meg’s grandson is turing 4 this week, so guess who is making a wooden memory game this weekend? 

Read GD Leigh’s excellent easy peasy tutorial, and listen to this great Green Divas DIY podcast!



Green Dude Paul on Winter Farmer’s Markets

The Green Divas with Paul Miller and little Benjamin.

The Green Divas with Paul Miller and little Benjamin.

Another fun and informative Green Dude segment with Green Dude Paul Miller, who has been organizing the farmer’s market in his community for a few years. It’s exciting to hear that there are more and more farmers participating in providing a variety of winter delights, even in the northeast. (yup that is an image of me Green Dude Paul and Green Diva Jen and her son Ben from the farmer’s market a couple of years ago!)  Listen to this fun Green Dude podcast on winter farmer’s markets.

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