Green Diva Radio Show: Favorite Green Living Products – Spring 13

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green divas product review roundup

This week instead of having our usual show we decided to devote the whole hour to reviewing all the green living products that have been patiently waiting for our witty commentary. Important note: we are never compensated for the reviews, and we only review products that we like and want to recommend. So, while we don’t get paid cash, we do have a lot of fun and hope to offer some good ideas for our listeners to try new healthy products that are good for us and better for the environment.

I’ve listed the products here, but to hear what we say about them, please listen to the Green Divas big review podcast!



Green Diva Meg had been using Weleda products for years. After  the rest of the Green Divas tried some of their products, we all agreed that Weleda is amazing. Weleda, which is the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing, created the world’s first Biodynamic gardens to grow what they needed for all their products. They never use synthetic chemicals or preservatives in their products.

We got to try:

Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion ($19.50) gently cleanses without drying our your skin

Spray Citrus Deodorant ($14.00) all natural deodorant that we found to not be strong enough or lasting.

Pomegranate Firming Serum ($45.00) renews and tightens skin

Pomegranate Hand cream ($12.50) firms and renews without being greasy and smells great


Marsha Mason’s Resting in the River

marsha mason's resting in the river products

Marsha Mason’s Resting in the River uses all natural products to create holistic and organic products. She grows all the herbs in her own farm that she uses for her products.

We got to try:

All Natural Healing Body Wash ($8.99)

All Natural Healing Body Lotion (11.99)

All Natural Healing Body Butter ($16.99): very thick and left the skin smooth and smelling nice

Healing Hydration Mist in Rose and Lavender ($6.50 each): very refreshing and smelled wonderful

Intens-Salve ($12.99): both GD Mizar and Meg loved this product for their hands and cuticles

Wellness Spray-Chill Factor ($11.75): a stress reliever which had the best taste

Wellness Spray -Throat Therapy ($11.75): for a heathy throat

Wellness Spray- Boost Juice ($11.75): an immune booster which had a very intense taste

Wellness Spray- Superior Support ($11.75): for immune support

Derma Earth

Derma Earth is committed to making anti-aging products without unwanted chemicals, preservatives, colors, and fragrances. They sent the Green Divas their Cell Activating Serum and their Skin Resurfacing Cleanser which GD Meg tried and

Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson was just 14 years old when she created her own line of safe and natural personal care products. Green Diva Meg tried their deodorant, which is free of parabens, aluminum and harmful chemicals. GD Meg found it to work better than some other natural deodorants, but found it to be a bit gluey in texture. They also have an entire line of skin, body, face and baby products.




sent us their line of Everyone Face for Everyday that the Green Divas just went crazy for. Their products are all natural, smell great, and are good for people with sensitive skin (like GD Meg). EO does not label its products Organic even though they are certified organic as approved by the California Certified Organic Farmers because there are no real guidelines for organic personal care like the ones that exist for food. So EO only labels the products orga

nic if they meet the USDA Food Grade Standard of what defines organic.

We got to try:

Cleanse ($9.99) which is gentle enough for sensitive skin, made with plant extracts, hyalauronic acid and pH balanced for glowing skin.

Moisturizer ($9.99) which is made with mango seed butter, argan oil, oat betaglucan, and carrot extract which leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Exfoliate ($9.99) made with pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes, mango butter and pure essential oils.

Makeup Remover Pads ($6.99) unscented and mild, they leave the skin clean and refreshed


Bamboo Volume Whipped Mousse

Alterna Haircare has a product that was recommended to GD Meg by her favorite hair her stylist Duane Edwards —  bamboo volume whipped mousse. GD Meg has thin, flat hair and this mousse is deigned to help give her beautiful volume. This product is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other harsh additives. Alterna is also committed to eco-friendly packaging and fair- trade practices.



Kaeng Raeng Detox


Read Green Diva Meg’s posts about her experience with the 3-day Kaeng Raeng Detox. Kaeng Raeng is an all natural detox meal replacement designed to help you lose weight, remove toxins, bolster your immune system, and improve your digestive system. GD Meg did the beginner level and said she lost a few pounds and just felt better after she got over the initial grumpiness.

Balance Bars

balance barsBalance Bar was one of the originators of energy bars and sent us their new Balance Bar Dark. The Green Divas had a lot of fun trying them because they were so delicious- I mean really really delicious. We got to sample the dark chocolate crunch, the chocolate peanut, and the dark chocolate coconut. Green Diva Mizar barely even let the other Green Divas try the dark chocolate coconut bars because she loved them so much.

Bixby Bars

The foundation of Bixby Bar ($15.99 for 4 bars) is pure chocolate, completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), preservatives or added sugars. All their chocolate is combined with exotic spices, healthy nuts and dried fruits. All ingredients are natural or organic and delicious!


For the last two weeks the Green Divas having been munching away on Crunchies ($4.99). We were lucky enough to be sent the Roasted Veggies and Tropical Fruit variety but they have many more and they are all freeze-dried, sugar free, gluten free, with no preservatives and high in fiber. Just beware they are most definitely crunchy!

Numi Tea

After Green Diva Meg wrote about earl grey tea, Numi Tea sent her a package of their Aged Earl Grey, which has already disappeared because she loved it so much. Numi is 100% natural, organic, and uses eco-responsible packaging.


Tick Tock Naturals

Tick Tock Naturals ($12- $18)makes an insect repellent  that is chemical free and all natural. It has all organic ingredients and actually smells good and isn’t greasy at all. So far Green Diva Meg and Mizar have been bug free!

(green divas LOVE their shoes!) 

Naya Shoes


Naya sent Green Diva Meg a pair of sandals, which didn’t exactly fit, so she gave them to me, Green Diva Jamie (thanks Meg). These shoes don’t compromise style, they are fashionable and environmentally friendly, because Naya uses materials that reduce environmental impact. They will definitely go with any summer outfit.

Teysha Shoes


Teysha sent an adorable pair of flats to Green Diva Meg who loves them. The shoes are unique, handmade in Panama and Colombia and help to create jobs for women, who might not have jobs otherwise. A portion of their proceeds got to Global Village Initiative which works to incubate social enterprises, provide educational opportunities, increase food security, create access to technologies, and off set their environmental impact through reforestation and sustainable development.




Pure Sky Living

Pure Sky Living is reusable “paper towels.” They are durable, 100% all natural cotton towels that will allow you to finally kick paper towels. When you buy them just remember to wash them in cold water a couple times so they become more absorbable. They are a great paper towel alternative.

Wean Green

Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing safe and environmentally friendly products. There glass food containers are created for babies and kids, but can be used by anyone. They are handy and so much better than plastic containers. An added bonus is that Wean Green is a partner of 1% of the Planet, an organization dedicated to building and supporting an alliance of businesses financially committed to created a healthy planet.


The Original Green Pan

The GreenPan uses Thermolon, a non-stick technology that is heat resistant and will not release toxic fumes. GreenPan products are also cadmium and lead free and emit 60% less CO2 emissions producing Thermolon than traditional coatings. Green Diva Meg got to try the egg expert which makes the perfect breakfast egg.

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