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making the right choicesOn our show last Saturday, we talked about recovering from all the flooding in the northeast. I guess we could be talking about people rebuilding from the fires in Texas and all the other natural disasters occurring everywhere this summer!

Here are a few tips and things to think about if you have to do any rebuilding or renovation:

1. First before you start prioritizing as you rebuild, please consider the impact on your children and your children’s children – thinking sustainably often means longevityand ultimately savings too.

2. Watch out for price gouging – it is ILLEGAL. Report any price gouging to the Better Business Bureau.

3. If you need to replace your hot water heater, consider a tank-less water systems. It will add savings to you and the planet in the long run.

4. Research non-toxic building supplies on the internet.  Remember that a lot of new materials release toxic gases and there are a lot of available and reasonably priced alternatives these days. You can find healthier choices in dry wall, paints, insulation, plumbing piping, flooring (both wood and carpet) and low energy appliances. Green Building Supply; Healthy BuildingThe Green Nest; Green Science Policy; and there is more, just do a search for you local area!

5. If you have to replace light bulbs, now is the time to consider alternatives such as CFL’s, LED’s and the newest ESL’s (no that is not English as Second Language).  Check what’s new at Energy Circle.  Read up on the ESL’s at DIYLife.

6. When you are ready to shop, go online and check if the store or manufacturer has a coupon on their website. AND if you sign up for Foursquare (you may have to ask for assistance from your kids or grandchildren) and check-in at participating stores, of which there are many, you might even get deeper discounts then you could get anywhere else.

7. There are energy incentives in different regions.  Find out what you can save by purchasing energy-saving products and doing energy saving reconstruction.

Some of these things may cost more in the beginning, but can save in multiple ways in the long run, not the least of which is your peace of mind.

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