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Lexus2Day 2 was Sunday. It was a gorgeous day – a good day to have the sunroof open as I found more reasons to drive around and play with this new shiny eco toy. While cruising on a major interstate bouncing in our seats to the rather good sound system, my daughter noted with alarm we were going 80 mph. Yikes. We gently applied the breaks and discussed how smooth a ride the vehicle was. We also noted that when the music was off or very low, there was not much exterior road noise. You are kind of cacooned in your own little peaceful, sci-fi environment.

My right hand is getting more comfortable resting on the peninsula where the mouse for the computer system is (where the gear shift should be), and I am quickly getting used to maneuvering it for simple processes without getting too distracted.

My phone has matched up with the built-in phone system nicely. I rather enjoy NOT having the bluetooth jammed on my ear.

Explored more of the computer screens and the dashboard information and found that I was using an average of 29.9 MPG. As with Wayne’s car the computer screen with the live drive-train animation tells you when you are using battery and when you are charging  and is interesting.

Also noted that the usual RPM gauge on the dashboard didn’t have the traditional numbers, but had blue, green and white sections indicating charging, eco/battery use, or ‘power’ mode. It helps to see that when you hit the peddle to the  metal upon a green light, it zooms up to the ‘power’ mode and the MPG goes down on the computer screen. hmmmmm. A more gentle start keeps it ‘green’ on the gauge and I suppose quite literally as less fuel is used if any.

Still learning. Still playing. It’s getting harder and harder to imagine giving this car back on Friday. I’m getting painfully attached to it.

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