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GDGD Radio—the FIRST radio network
dedicated to green & healthy living on earth for the earth!


Streaming green and healthy living shows 24/7!

The network streams every day, all day long making it easy to tune in, learn and be entertained. Click on the schedule banner below to find out what show is playing when. The GDGD Radio app is now available on Google Play, Blackberry and Android with iTunes coming any day. That means you can really listen 24/7 if you can stay awake!

WARNING: You might get hooked on more than one GDGD Radio Show!


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Join the GDGD Radio community and support green indie media!

More about GDGD Radio…

Co-founders Green Diva Meg and Green Diva Lynn are committed to raising awareness about global environmental issues, how you can take action and ways to live a greener, healthier lifestyle. That’s why they launched The Green Divas Global Digital (GDGD) Radio Network—the very first radio network dedicated to green and healthy living on earth for the earth.
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The app is available on all smart phone and tablet platforms. Please download it now!

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