Green Divas 1.6.11 – Bag Monster

A lively episode with an overall TerraScope for the year and some of the detailed sunsign reports along with GD Jean’s Correspondent report from Maine. Don’t miss the excellent interview with Andy keller, aka Bag Monster, founder of ChicoBags who talked about his mission to educate everyone about the evils of plastic bags and lowering our consumer intake in general.

Green Divas 12.30.10 – Green Car Dude, John Voelcker

Had Green Diva Correspondent Lisa McWilliams visiting from Austin, TX in the studio with GD Meg and GD Scotty. Excellent interview with our favorite green car dude, John voelcker, Sr. Editor of HighGearMedia ( John offered detailed information to a listener who asked about the pros and cons of buying a hybrid or electric car.