Green Divas 12.30.10 – Green Car Dude, John Voelcker

Had Green Diva Correspondent Lisa McWilliams visiting from Austin, TX in the studio with GD Meg and GD Scotty. Excellent interview with our favorite green car dude, John voelcker, Sr. Editor of HighGearMedia ( John offered detailed information to a listener who asked about the pros and cons of buying a hybrid or electric car.

Green Divas 11.11.10 – Jessica Arinella

A packed show complete with a report from Green Diva Lisa about the yummy gypsy food culture that is a part of the creative sustainable economy in Austin, TX. Also an interview with Jessica Arinella, founder and host of ‘What You Can Do’ TV/Web series – she has an upcoming series on light pollution. Really? Light pollution – fascinating stuff.