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Green Diva Ali

Alison Hoffman is one of the many lifelong gardeners and plant geeks that come to it via family history and personal passion. She enjoys mentoring others in gardening through her business and blog, Every Green Plant, and by speaking to garden groups. She grows food, flowers, trees and shrubs organically in the northwest suburbs of Chicago for her family, friends and clients. Alison and her husband, dogs, cats, honeybees and visiting friends, birds, deer and other animals and insects appreciate that she does not use chemicals in the landscape. 
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  1. Sophie Everett (reply)

    March 18, 2016 at 9:14 am

    Definitely very helpful post! Found some good ideas here and really loved the Green Divas Radio Show episodes. All the information is so helpful. I’m doe with my seed starters already and I’m adding mulch to my beds this weekend. I’m a little late but better late, than never. Thank you for all this great information! Definitely recommending this post to some friends!

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