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  1. blessed (reply)

    July 5, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Oh, I was so excited to see this posted on the “Plastic Free Life” facebook page. BUT this is only a starting point–which is where I am already. I wanted to hear an article like Beth Terry writes for her blog, in which you try plastic free options and then walk the reader through how it worked. So, I think you need to write a part 2–try the ones of these that sound the best, and then tell your readers how it went. Be sure to rate helpful things like pain and mess and time expended for each method. ; ) THAT would be the way to really promote greener shaving.

    When I was young and relatively attractive (as all youth is!) I went through my “nature mama” phase and didn’t shave legs, and wore shorts and everything! Frankly, I’m too old for that now. Even though I live in Santa Cruz, nature mama central, I have dark hair and just feel like I am not confident enough in my aging body to fully embrace the natural look. And besides, my husband prefers smooth. So, I don’t shave daily, but when I want to look nice in a skirt, I have to shave–which is quite often in the summer. (Long skirts do wonders for laziness, though!) Because I seem to have very sensitive legs (tried pulling hairs–OUCH–felt like I was going to throw up!) I don’t think I should try the products that pull out (waxing, sugar). The only problem with electric (get a good one that plugs in) is that it does not leave as smooth a finish as a razor, which is fine if you are jus going for what looks smooth, but not so good if you want to feel smooth. So I have been using a good razor (men’s–something like mach three) that only requires new heads at least, and used to come in paper packaging–but last time I went to purchase, the bulk sizes were in non-reusable plastic security boxes! Ugh! So, that is going to keep me from wanting to get more once these run out (which luckily won’t be for years now, esp. if I try a method to try to make them last longer)

    So, I am VERY interested in you trying out these methods and blogging about it–please have Beth post an update when you do, ok? : ) THanks for starting dialogue on your blog about the topic.

  2. Ashley (reply)

    December 24, 2015 at 3:40 am

    What about permanent hair removal method impacts on the environment? I had the bottom half of my legs treated with lasers and had great results. I rarely have to shave a few stray hairs in the area, then I only shave above the knee in the summer.

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