Jamie Redford & other filmmakers on making eco-documentaries

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I tell the crew that we’re not making movies,
we’re starting movements,
and movements don’t end until the issue ends.

~ Louie Psihoyos, Director Game Changers


As a lover of documentary films, I’m in heaven these days. There are more eco-documentaries to watch than ever before, and I’m glad the audience for these types of films is growing as are the distribution channels. There are so many powerful voices emerging and stories being told, it is downright impossible to keep up. But, we’re on a mission this year to spend more time watching these fabulous documentaries and talking to the talented and dedicated folks that make them. 

This year’s first episode of Season 11 is our first in a series of eco-doc features. We had a chance to talk to some of our favorite filmmakers to hear about their latest films, why they made them, the nuances of making these docs and about films they’ve been watching. We spoke with Jamie Redford, whose latest film is being featured on HBO — Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution; Jessica Wolfson on her documentary, Hot Grease; and our own green diva Dayna Reggero on her award-winning film The Wood Thrush Connection. Please listen to this episode, then see below for more eco-film recommendations…

12 eco-documentaries we recommend 

not in any particular order… 

Chasing Coral 


Dominion Trailer

Water and Power: A California Heist 


The Age of Consequences 



The True Cost 


An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power


Before the Flood 


The Game Changers 


Years of Living Dangerously


Two films from Roger Sorkin

reviews by Green Diva Lisa McWilliams

The Burden is a documentary told through voices of those who have been carrying the burden in our military, of which it’s dependence on fossil fuel is our greatest long-term security threat. There is no ambiguity about the need to transition to clean energy from an organization that uses more oil than any other organization in the world. Regardless of one’s political view point, no one cannot deny the myriad of reasons for making this transition and the long-term benefits of doing so, including making the US leaders in the global clean energy economy of the 21st century. Oh, and it looks like you can watch it for free from the website.

Speaking of the military….

Tidewater is another documentary that shows us that there is no denying that when the waters rise, and they already are, it will put our national security at risk. This story takes place in the little-known Hampton Roads in Virginia where we have our highest concentration of military assets with 14 installations that are vulnerable. They need $1 billion of infrastructure repair. Once again illustrating that can-do spirit of American innovation, this time with civilians and military partnering for the success of the plan.

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