7 Days to Living a Stress-Free Life ~ Jenny G. Perry

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What would a stress-free diet look like?

And I’m not talking about food here.

Listen to my Inspired Green Divas radio show segment about reducing stress in your world… then read on for more!

What about what’s on your plate? Is there too much on there? Why not take a look at it and examine what really needs to be there?

Maybe you feel too full, like you are overwhelmed. Or you feel empty and not enough. Hungry for something you can’t put your finger on.

Forget no carb and go no guilt. No worry, no negativity, no doubt, no fear. Who would you be then without this? What about the food plans where you count points instead of calories. What if you gave yourself “brownie points?”

What is stressing you out can be shifted through a new perspective. Here’s a way to get started.

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Give yourself points for choosing YOU over stress. They’re all worth 100 points, cause why not?

Monday—Read something inspirational
Tuesday—Treat yourself to something good like a coffee or flowers
Wednesday—Write out some “I AM” affirmations
Thursday—Wear your favorite color
Friday—Write yourself a love note
Saturday—Listen to your favorite jam out song (several times)
Sunday—Go on a gratitude walk and think of all the things you are grateful for.

What would your life look like it you thought of stress as toxic sludge in your being, like you ate pesticide laden, fatty, over processed fast food? If the only time you feel peace is that one hour of yoga a week, you can take an honest look at whether you help or hurt your life with your thoughts. They hold power. Choose them wisely. You deserve to feel good. You are worthy of feeling downright fabulous!

There will be things that we want to help in the world, but don’t let that kill your spirit. The world needs happy people. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

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jenny perry picJenny G. Perry is the author of the #1 Bestselling book Sexpot With Stretch Marks and novel The Jennifers. She is a Mojo expert whose body-mind-spirit wellness is focused on self-love whole life coaching. She is Queen of reinvention and can help you change your life as a catalyst with her own unique healing energy. Her intuitive hits astound her clients as she helps them navigate their new journeys into the new expanded, best version of themselves.

She is also the spunky married mother of five beautiful kids who has a passion for life that she infuses in her work. She happily resides at the Jersey Shore and loves to blog about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. Tons of pictures, lots of style, and massive appreciation for life is her whole vibe. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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