How to Create Abundance ~ Jenny G. Perry

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how to create abundance with Jenny G. Perry

Do you feel abundance?

Listen to my convo with Green Diva Meg about creating abundance, then read on for more!

Is abundance just about money? What about your experiences?

What is there an abundance of in your life? What if friendships, hugs, good meals, laughs, nature, comedy movies and feelings were abundance? Most people actually want money so they can feel security, freedom, or to have more fun. The feeling is key. Tune into that.

It’s the “fake it, ‘til you make” it mentality.

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We always have something to appreciate.

I remember one day feeling not abundant at all, staring around at my last house, sad that it was so small. In an instant, I looked through new eyes and knew that someone else would look at my house and think it was paradise. I looked at my couches, TV and dining room table. I had food in my fridge and healthy children. I had a husband who loved and adored me. I had the most supportive parents who have helped me all through the years in so many ways. I had friends, some for a long time and some for just a moment in time where we shared great memories. A shift in perspective changes everything.

It’s the whole glass half full mentality I share now years later with my life coaching clients. We all have a choice every day to be the victim and look at all we don’t have yet, what isn’t working, what we DON’T want. Or we can be a badass-rockstar-boss of own lives and focus on what we do have, what is working, and what we REALLY want.

There’s so much power in taking responsibility for our own moods, vibe and lives.

You may be going through a really stressful time and can’t feel abundance and gratitude the majority of time. Just go for the moments. Savor the sunset. Enjoy your cup of coffee. Love up on your kiddies or puppies when you cuddle. Send someone a text telling them how much you appreciate them. Listen to music that makes you feel alive. Read books that inspire or excite you.

Any given day can be a turning point. It starts with one thought. Doing one thing differently can get your abundance going and make you feel good about your life right now. You attract more happiness when you shine a light on it daily. It works with everything you want. Seek and you shall find. Tap into the feeling of what abundance feels like. Can you feel it in your heart? Like you just won the lottery. Play with that daily.


We live in an abundant Universe. Life support me daily. Good things are always coming my way. Click To Tweet

Put it on a post-it to remind yourself.

Wishing you an abundance of all good things,
Jenny G. Perry


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jenny perry picJenny G. Perry is the author of the #1 Bestselling book Sexpot With Stretch Marks and novel The Jennifers. She is a Mojo expert whose body-mind-spirit wellness is focused on self-love whole life coaching. She is Queen of reinvention and can help you change your life as a catalyst with her own unique healing energy. Her intuitive hits astound her clients as she helps them navigate their new journeys into the new expanded, best version of themselves.

She is also the spunky married mother of five beautiful kids who has a passion for life that she infuses in her work. She happily resides at the Jersey Shore and loves to blog about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. Tons of pictures, lots of style, and massive appreciation for life is her whole vibe. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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