Women Rock the Front Lines of Climate Change

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Indigenous Rising image of Casey Camp-Horniek (Ponca)

Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca) marching for climate change/justice. Image credit: Indigenous Rising

Women are rocking the front lines of climate change because the destruction falls disproportionately on women around the world.

Yes, we all experience the effects of our human-induced climate mess, but when you listen to women like Patricia GualingaIndigenous leader from Sarayaku, Ecuador talk about it, you realize there is an all-too-quiet, but powerful fight for climate justice and human rights going on. 

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It’s easy for many of us to be indignant about the plight of our world from the warmth of our clean, relatively safe homes. Guilty.

But wasn’t I was rocked off my lil perch last week while attending an event hosted by WECAN—Women’s Environment and Climate Action Network—down at the UN, while it was in session. Yup, just us and President Obama and some of his buddies… you think security was intense? Never seen anything like it.

I’m not uninformed, but I’m definitely one of the many who skate on the edges of countless harsh realities. And from time to time I get a swift and loving wake-up slap that leaves me shaking my head in awe of those who are really fighting this fight.

Women like Melina Laboucan-Massismo, Lubicon Cree, whose community is enduring many hardships as the direct result of the tar sands nightmare in northern Alberta, Canada — perhaps one of the dirtiest, largest and most destructive fossil fuel extractions in the world. And Niha Misra, Solar Sister, who is changing the lives of women in rural Africa, by helping provide access to safe electricity and stoves.

I sat for about four hours barely blinking for fear I’d miss something. Everyone brought wise, inspiring words to the podium. 

May Boeve, co-founder of 350.org and the woman who spoke for Greenpeace, directly and indirectly asked us all:

What are we willing to do? What are we willing to sacrifice to stop the destruction? ~ @mayboeve Click To Tweet

Gulp. Good questions.

But the indigenous women got me right in the heart. From the warm opening blessing from Janice Turner, citizen of The Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware, to the historic signing of a treaty between the indigenous women of the north and the indigenous women of the south, my heart and eyes were wide open. 

Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca) a long-time Native rights activist, environmentalist and actress presided over the treaty ceremony (which had already been done in a more private setting) at the end of the event that invited us all to celebrate and unite as we join forces.

Seriously. I’m in.

Watch Casey Camp-Horinek talk about why she marched in the People’s Climate March:


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