Sexual Freedom: An Act of Courage

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The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage. ~Thucydides Click To Tweet

The courage to be who you are—an erotic human being—is the topic I discussed with Green Diva Meg in this Green Divas Eco-Sexy episode. Listen, then read on for having the courage to want and to desire.

Fear is the driver for many people’s sexual and erotic lives.

One of Freud’s students, Otto Rank, was quoted as saying:

People vacillate between the fear of living and the fear of dying. Click To Tweet

In some ways, our fears about our sexuality encompass both.

We are equally terrified of what might happen if we gave into our erotic fantasy life and that we might never experience the pleasure we know that we hold in us. Worse still, these invisible and unnamed fears not only strangle our own capacity for intimacy but also are the source of the harshest judgments we hold about the sexuality of others; often times, those we hold most dear.

Whether rooted in religious teachings or our first family structures, our sexual fears are instilled in us early and, as we mature, often translate into deeply held inhibitions, which prevent us from evolving sexually.

Modern culture

In our sexual culture today, this stagnant sexuality shows up not only as sexual frigidity, but even more frequently, as promiscuity. Even though we believe we are breaking our sexual inhibitions, promiscuous sex is actually bound to the fears that control us and ends up only feeding them.

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Another way to think about freedom is as a form of authenticity, with both the clarity of mind and strength of action to back it up. And when it comes to sex, moving consciously from a resonant place of truth allows us to gently expand our boundaries of what’s possible and makes us more courageous with each act.

Courageously stepping into and exploring the meaning of sexual freedom is how we expand past our inhibitions and redefine our boundaries, allowing our innate sexual curiosity to wake up. The more we tap into and act from this courage, the less we have to be afraid of. In the process, we discover not only an erotic capacity that we didn’t know we had, but a new relationship with pleasure.

Living courageously

Living a courageous sexual life doesn’t erase our fears. Rather, it creates a new and conscious relationship to our fears that heightens the reality of the present moment. Moving willingly into unknown spaces, whether through expanding into erotic fantasies or just deepening our capacity for sexual communication makes us truly available to feel and participate with our partners fully. Growing up and evolving sexually is about standing in our own courage. It is a clear path to the freedom it takes to make conscious choices about who, when, where and how we love.


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wendy picWendy Strgar is an author, sexual health expert and the CEO and founder of Good Clean Love. Good Clean Love specializes in producing all-natural, organic intimacy products with no petrochemicals or parabens. Strgar has written for sites such as The Huffington Post, Hitched Magazine and Raw Attraction Magazine. She just celebrated her 31st anniversary with her husband, whom she shares a home with in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is the author of two books, Love that Works and the forthcoming Sex that works. You can connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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