Women Supporting Women: Let’s Start a Love Fest

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Written by Green Diva Jenny

Which world are you living in, ladies? 

Women get such a bad rap. You know…women are so chatty, they’re gossips, jealous, bitches or whatever. Women are in competition with each other.That is one world. I don’t live there. I used to.

Listen in as I talk to Green Diva Meg about the importance of women supporting women and valuing each other in this Inspired Green Divas episode…

The world I live in looks like this…

All women are goddesses. 

Equal in awesomeness, beauty, brilliance, intelligence—but just in different flavors. I’m a writer, life coach, blogger and speaker…but I have no competition. I just don’t operate like that. We can all thrive, succeed and reach our full potential. None of us get there alone. We need help and sometimes we just need cheering.

One of my soul sisters, Courtney A. Walsh, called me last week to tell me she got a publisher for her book Dear Human. I was over-the-moon for her. She’s amazing. I love her to pieces. If I lived in that first world I mentioned, that would mean there are less readers to go around, limited funds, and she would be my competition I’d want to bring down so I could soar to greater heights.

Craziness, I know. I truly want the same good things for her as I want for myself. I want people to keep writing books. We need all of them. They all have value. We each have a story, a voice, and something to teach.

When my latest book reached #1 in its category, I didn’t want the other books’ sales to plummet. I just wanted to experience that feeling, become #1, and reach more people with my self-love message.

I understand healthy competition in sports, winning awards, becoming #1 in a category, but in the heart-centered, loving world, we still wish other women well. In the negative, women-are-sucky-to-each-other-world, it’s a very personal, ego-driven, and terrible feeling space unless you are endlessly winning…and even then, you’re not connecting. When you’re heart-centered, your friendships are so fulfilling, and your girlfriends empower you.

What if you look at all women as your sister goddesses?

While not all of them may share the same positive vibe as you, many have the potential to be part of your tribe and sisterhood to support you. 

Create the intention to reach out to a lady that you know who may need to hear how wonderful she is. Call, text, message, tweet, tag her or send her a card. Pay for the lady behind you at the coffee shop. Comment on social media how beautiful a woman is when she posts a selfie of herself. Doesn’t seem like much, but we can start a ripple effect or kindness.

The Divine feminine dwells within all of us ladies. We are goddesses. Goddesses are never threatened by other goddesses. They love themselves and want other goddesses to love themselves as well. They know that seeing the good in other women makes all of us stronger, more brave, and helps us all become more of who we want to be as we admire the magic that they are. Their magic, who they are, is to be celebrated as our own.

Ladies, let’s start a love fest.


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jenny perry picJenny G. Perry is the author of the #1 Bestselling book Sexpot With Stretch Marks and novel The Jennifers. She is a Mojo expert whose body-mind-spirit wellness is focused on self-love whole life coaching. She is Queen of reinvention and can help you change your life as a catalyst with her own unique healing energy. Her intuitive hits astound her clients as she helps them navigate their new journeys into the new expanded, best version of themselves.

She is also the spunky married mother of five beautiful kids who has a passion for life that she infuses in her work. She happily resides at the Jersey Shore and loves to blog about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. Tons of pictures, lots of style, and massive appreciation for life is her whole vibe. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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