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one tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds

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There are over 23,000 different types of trees on the planet and a single one can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

You would think mankind’s insatiable consumption of fossil fuels and increasing carbon footprint would make it logical for us to nurture a species that can counter the increasing CO2 emissions. Well, actually us humans are doing quite the opposite.

Every year an estimated 18 million acres of forests are lost to industry. 

Shoplet takes pride in delivering quality business and office supplies for small and medium sized businesses.

But we also know that the very industry we excel in is the most harmful industry to the environment ever since the first trees were cut down to make paper. That’s why we’re taking a stand and doing everything we can to counter the problem. From introducing more than 100,000 green and sustainable office products to our various educational tools, Shoplet helps to make choosing to shop green easy and streamlined.

In early March we teamed up with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future to further our environmental rooted-in-change shopletefforts. Rooted in Change was born and now, Shoplet will plant a tree with every order placed on our website. To date, we have managed to save and plant a combined 120,000 trees. Our ultimate goal is to plant one million trees! That’s the equivalent of two-hundred forests!

The global need for office supplies is not going to go away any time soon, but there are plenty of ways that consumers can make smarter, greener choices when shopping for these products. That’s what Shoplet is all about. Small operational changes in the way we do business and live our every day lives can make a huge environmental impact. Let’s all make it for the better.

Listen to this Green Divas Biz Profile podcast episode featuring Tony Ellison, founder and CEO of He talks about sustainability and saving trees!

As a special thanks to our friends at Green Divas, Shoplet is offering 10 percent off purchases on our site.

You can find anything from office chairs to paperclips at… All made of recycled material and post consumer waste  plus Shoplet will plant a tree every time you shop! We hope to inspire you to shop green, save green and plant trees not just with Shoplet, but in every way you can so that we can hand over our earth to future generations healthier than how we received it.

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