Body Image: Does This Thinking Make Me Look Fat?

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Self love looks good on me!-1

Written by Jenny Perry.

Need a body image refresh? Aren’t you so over life being about weight?

Whether you want to lose weight or not, the media makes us feel our value is in a number on the scale, a bank account or the amount of candles on our birthday cake. I feel the pull and I disconnect from it.

I focus on health…because thin is a four letter word to me. I personally shifted to the word “fit” but that could at times make me feel like I had to work out more (even though I like it).

I recently talked to Green Diva Meg for a Green Divas Health & Beauty episode about body image. Listen, then read on for more about learning to love yourself…


What about feeling fabulous as your goal?

What a concept! Is that dangerous?
Absolutely not!

Is it possible to feel fabulous?
Yes it is.

Where do I start?
Just pretend you feel good about your body?

Too hard?
What about yourself in general?

It’s all about loving you.

If not, it’s not about food, exercise, or anything outside of you…or the shape of your body. It’s about self-love. And all the protein shakes in the world will not help that.

More money, a new job, the perfect boyfriend, nope they won’t fill up your self-love cup. That’s your job. What you are putting in your mind is always more important than what you’re putting in your body. Thoughts truly feed your being. What would the point of being a certain size, or being totally in shape, if you aren’t going to emotionally feel good.

Your journey is going to have many versions of you with different hair colors/styles, faces, sizes, and speeds. There was five year old you, running around the playground, and they were all about joy. There was your twenty-five year old you. She probably wasn’t all about joy. She may have been running around an office trying to feel better about herself through success or making people like her. She probably cared about what others thought of you way too much. She probably measured herself in numbers.

What if it could be different?

What if right now you imagined your heart sending out little tiny pink hearts to the rest of your body, circling around you, all this love to all the cells of your body. Imagine the hearts of love energy landing on your cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, or especially any parts of you that you’ve been so unkind to. What part of you needs love…your thighs, tummy, or butt?

I’m not saying you will absolutely love it from now on, because thoughts play on repeat, so old, repetitive thoughts will come up. You can dismiss them, replace them, create them anew. Why not decide right now and then every morning to do this second part as well. Thank your body, your cells, each body part, organ, or definitely your “problem” area. You will see a transformation. This is from the inside out.

You will radiate something different.

After you send all that love and gratitude to yourself even before your cup of joe, ask yourself each day this magical question. If I loved myself, would I…? This is about meals, movement, thoughts, what you are focused on reading, watching, and listening to. Don’t worry about the weight stuff and instead focus on feeling fabulous. Feeling good is what life’s about anyway.

Self-love is the soul’s medicine. Feed yourself lots of that and see your relationship with your body become that of a best friend, not an enemy. What would happen if the self-love diet became a revolution? Let’s start it! Wishing you all rockstar self-love!

However, should you wish to lose weight, check this out – BestFatBurners.


Listen to this GVK: Good Vibrations with Kristin podcast for more self-love tips in the Lovin’ our Bodies series…

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 jenny perry picJenny G. Perry is the author of the #1 Bestselling book Sexpot With Stretch Marks and novel The Jennifers. She is a Mojo expert whose body-mind-spirit wellness is focused on self-love whole life coaching. She is Queen of reinvention and can help you change your life as a catalyst with her own unique healing energy. Her intuitive hits astound her clients as she helps them navigate their new journeys into the new expanded, best version of themselves.

She is also the spunky married mother of five beautiful kids who has a passion for life that she infuses in her work. She happily resides at the Jersey Shore and loves to blog about her life’s journey in a fun and spiritual way. Tons of pictures, lots of style, and massive appreciation for life is her whole vibe. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

~Asst. Ed. Green Diva Christine | Images via Shutterstock

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