It’s Time for the Spring Equinox Detox

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Spring is in the air and it is time to do some spring cleaning - inside and out! Get ready to do a wonderful mindful detox that integrates mind-body-spirit with Jessica Durivage and Rebelle Wellness in this Green Divas Health & Beauty podcast.

Spring is in the air and it’s time to do some spring cleaning—inside and out!

In this Green Divas Health & Beauty podcast, Green Diva Meg talks with Jessica Durivage, co-host of Rebelle Wellness’s Spring Equinox Detox. Listen up then read on for more information about the detox—a wonderful mindful detox that integrates mind-body-spirit—and our giveaway!


Five questions with Jessica…

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1. While Rebelle Society has a big creative writing focus, Rebelle Wellness focuses more on physical health. Have you found correlations between these two aspects of your lives?

Absolutely! Creativity, health, and I will throw one more word in there—inspiration—are like my daily multi-vitamins. They are the essential ingredients for me to lead a happy and connected life.

For myself, Tanya and so many of the people that are drawn to the work of Rebelle Wellness, Rebelle Society and the detox—creativity, health and inspiration are like the fuel that keeps our inner fires shining bright. Both of the sites as well as the virtual programs we offer satisfy the thirst for connection through story, practical tips, tools and guidance and real, authentic and genuine connection. For me, these things form the bedrock foundation to keep growing and embracing life around me while continuing to nurture my intuitive inner voice to lead the way.


2. Annual and periodic detoxes have become popular over the past few years. What’s distinctive about Rebelle Health’s spring detox?

It’s real. It’s focused on meeting you where you are at now in your life. That is the red thread that weaves in and out of the whole program, throughout the entirety of the course. We want to meet you where you are now on Day 1 and we have no expectations of where you need/should be on Day 30. We will meet you right here, in that space, with complete and total acceptance.

During our first course, this was definitely our intention, because it truly just comes so naturally to Tanya and I, but we really did not notice the impact that it had on the community until we started really getting into the meat of the program in our Facebook Group and also getting the feedback at the end of the course.

3. If you were to pick one habit shift that has made the biggest difference in your health, what would it be?

I am just going to repeat what I stated above. Meeting myself exactly where I am on any given day and in any given moment. Letting go of the “shoulds and woulds” and practicing self love and acceptance in the present moment.

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4. And for your creative health…what practice keeps your writing health on track?

It’s a muscle and I (we) work at it everyday, whether it is writing a new blog, generating an engaging Facebook post or supporting a client through helping them to find their voice through words. If we are going to truly embrace the virtual age we live in, words are like touch. We can touch your heart and touch into your emotions and feelings. Our intention is to do this in the most nourishing way possible.

5. Who would be a great fit for your spring detox program and where can he or she get more information?

Anyone and everyone! If you are looking to make a big change or a gentle shift, this program offers invaluable resources for you to “give yourself permission” to be a complete and whole YOU. If you are already on a lifelong healing journey or you are ready to take that first step, take the leap and we will be there to catch you.

All info you need is right here on Rebelle Wellness.

Spring Detox Equinox giveaway!

We’re giving away two spots in the Rebelle Wellness March workshop, which starts March 20th. Enter below!

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