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beauty greenwashing

Let’s start at the beginning: What is “Greenwashing”?

It’s how a company positions their products on the marketplace suggesting to the consumer that a product is eco-friendly, natural or better for them, when in reality it’s not.

Take a listen to the Green Divas Eco Style episode below to hear who I called out as a major greenwashers in the beauty industry and why. Learn about other catch phrases you should be aware of that are often used in false marketing practices.

A few drops of something natural does not make a product “green.”

In the world of beauty, often a company will put in tiny drops of something natural and then sell the consumer the fantasy that they’re purchasing a “green” product, when in fact most of the ingredients are still a chemical soup of potential toxins.

These ploys can include using botanical imagery, the color green or words that have no regulated definition. For example “natural” “herbal” and “pure” can be stamped on the front of a bottle even if it contains no real natural ingredients in it—and the U.S. government is totally OK with that.

In my work as a sustainable makeup artist and green beauty advocate, it’s been important to me not to bash brands. It’s just getting a little out of control these days with companies just trying to cash in on a trend. I feel like spreading hate doesn’t get us very far, but I’m a bit fed up with keeping quiet entirely. 

Mostly what gets me revved up are the brands who blatantly lie.

However there are brands who don’t present themselves with the natural or green slant, but customers themselves jump to that conclusion based on a feeling they get from the branding. A good example of this is Kiehl’s. My clients often assume it’s “a healthy brand” because of the Kiehl’s apothecary feel, which people associate with wellness. This isn’t a case of a brand greenwashing, but rather an example of how consumers can easily be mislead even of their own accord.

I want to make it clear that this topic is anything but clear. It’s impossible to draw a line in the sand and say, “these are truly green and these aren’t”. It all goes back to not having concrete definitions of what green means.

Want to see my list of beauty brands who are greenwashing? Visit


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