Eco-Sex Toys: Go Clean & Green While You Get Down & Dirty {adult}

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Whether you’re single or attached, sex toys (especially eco-sex toys!) rarely fail to bring joy.

I talked to Green Diva Meg about finding healthier, eco-sex toys (R-Rated) in this racier than usual Green Divas Eco-Sexy episode. Listen up then read on for more…

Looking for something to spice up your love life come Valentine’s Day?

When I first began the research for my book Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable (Random House/Ten Speed Press) there were only a few conscious sex toy companies producing safe, green pleasure products. I’m beyond thrilled to report that the range of offerings has expanded exponentially—it’s much easier to find a clean, green toy.

For decades, the only toys one could buy were made of poison. Phthalates were pretty much de rigueur in dildos and vibrators–virtually every toy was produced with plasticizers, ones that leeched dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals into our nether regions. Given that our mucus membranes quickly transport toxins into our bloodstream, these toys may have provided pleasure, but they were secretly, slowly killing us. These old-school toys were often heavy and required batteries that had to be replaced often.

What to look for in an eco-sex toy.

First the bad news–these toys are still made, often manufactured in China, and available online or in certain (seedier) sex shops. The GREAT NEWS–they’re easily avoided. If you’re lucky enough to live in city with a conscious sex shop like Babeland, make that your first stop if you’re shopping for a new toy. (You can also order toys from Babeland online.)

If you’re shopping elsewhere, choose body-safe silicone, glass, or wood. Yes, glass toys are safe, wonderful, and DO NOT BREAK–don’t worry. Unlike other sex toys, you can also heat up or stick these babies in the fridge for fun experiments with temperature.
eco sex toys, between the sheets
My fave brand of all time is still Jimmyjane. This San Fran-based company does all their (award-winning) design in-house, and their products are all made from latex-free, phthalate-free, heavy metal-free, medical-grade platinum silicone. Their perfectly-curated selection of toys are beautiful, top-of-the-night-table pieces. You won’t want to hide these in the drawer–they’re just too pretty. They’re a bit pricier than some other brands, but they’re built to last–and that makes them totally green in my book. Other brands I’m digging on lately: Lelo and Leaf.

Happy Valentine’s Day–always be eco-sexy!!!

~ Stefanie Iris Weiss


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