A Recipe for Mastering Your Life

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Written by Kim Forrester

Mastering your life—what does it mean? How do we do it?

In 1906, the idea of like attracting like was introduced by author and “new thinker,” William Walker Atkinson. Since then, the idea that we are masters and creators of our lives has developed and expanded, and science has provided evidence that we are not mere spectators in this life; we actually influence the universe around us.

Despite these recent advances in understanding, many people are still confused about the idea of life mastery. Many have “tried” the concept, only to come away feeling defeated, disappointed or angry. Others cannot equate these ideas with the seemingly horrific and tragic events that sometimes befall innocent and benign people.

In this case, what it is vital to remember is that most of us view the world from the limits of our logical mind (and that’s okay)! This means that even the most positive intentions can be flavored with subconscious guilt, control and self-sabotage. It also means that we often forget the inherent balance of the universe—that tragedy will always give rise to love, compassion and understanding—and that death is not to be feared.

My own experience has shown me that I am the commander of my destiny and that, regardless of what situation I may find myself in, I can influence the outcome with my absolute intentions. With this in mind, I invite you to read the simple and fun explanation below.

You see, life mastery is a very easy concept to grasp if you realize that life is like a fabulous a la carte restaurant, and the universal chef is on hand to create whatever your heart desires.

Mesdames, Messieurs, I welcome you to the exquisite Restaurant of Life…menu

1. Deciding what you want

The first step to dining in style in the Restaurant of Life is to acknowledge and understand that you can have anything—anything—that you desire. People may try to limit your options, or try to sway your decisions but ultimately, if you ask the chef nicely, he’ll cook you up anything that takes your fancy.

You have come into this life full of boundless possibility and choice. The only limits are those that you impose upon yourself.

2. Having the confidence

The second step is to have the courage to order your heart’s desire. Too many of us know deep inside what we want, but when it actually comes to asking for it, we balk. “That’s going to be too difficult/too expensive,” or “I don’t really deserve that. Something plainer will be okay,” or “What will Mom/Bob/the neighbors think of me?”

Worse still, we don’t ask for something new, something elaborate, because we are afraid we might not like it when we get it. “What if I’m stuck with that choice and it’s awful?”

The fact is that in the Restaurant of Life the chef loves delighting his customers. You are encouraged to order the grandest, most elaborate meal you can think of, and if you don’t like what you’ve ordered, simply order something new! You deserve to be joyful, and the Universe wants you to experience everything that your heart desires—even if these desires change.waiter, mastering your life

3. Asking for it

Thirdly, it’s vital that you understand how to order. You see the Restaurant of Life is a very special place where the chef is so keen to anticipate your needs that he doesn’t send waiters out to take your order. Instead, every intent, every action is carefully observed from the moment you walk in the door.

Staring at the Crayfish on the Specials Blackboard? The chef is already preparing a fresh crustacean in the kitchen. Change your focus to the doggie-doo on the sole of your shoe, and the chef—bewildered but obliging—will set about creating a delightful dish of … well, you get the picture.

Life mastery is all about what you focus on and where you put your energy, so keep your eyes on the prize. The chef is watching! You have the amazing power of creation and your intentions and deep-set beliefs create your future, your life. You have been gifted with complete Free Will and the Universe will deliver, without judgement, whatever it is that you choose to focus your attention on.

4. Waiting for it

Finally, it is important that you allow the time for your meal to be created. As with any eating establishment, if you want something well-prepared you will have to wait patiently. A simple order of salad and soup can be delivered almost instantly, whilst a serving of Peking Duck can take hours to prepare. This doesn’t mean the Duck isn’t coming, it simply means that you will have to sip wine and enjoy the conversation until it arrives!

This also means that you need to trust the chef, and his timing. It is not necessary—nor productive—to run into the kitchen and start cooking the meal yourself, in fact this meddling would only slow the process down. So it is with the creation of your desires.

the puzzle of mastering your life

Once you have created a desire, the Universe has already manifested it for you and life is beginning to pull together all the jigsaw puzzle pieces to bring it into your life. Be patient and know that your desired outcome is already yours. It is not necessary to control anything to bring your dream to fruition. Take action on any opportunities that appear to you, but then step back and allow the Universe time to create your desire in its perfect entirety.

Life mastery and its recent introduction into our psyche offers a wonderful, awe-inspiring glimpse into all-that-we-can-be. Once we learn to grasp and trust this universal truth we become open to the infinite possibilities of joy, learning and growth. The possibility that we are in control of our own destiny and that life can offer us everything that our heart desires.

What it offers us is a tantalizing taste of our true selves—infinite, creative and powerful. Really, it’s enough to make your mouth water.


Listen to this Green Divas GVK podcast about having the confidence, trust and patience to make it down the hallway of life…

~Asst. Ed. Green Diva Christine | menu image via shutterstock.com

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