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Like the Green Divas? You’re going to LOVE the GDGD Radio Network.

I love my job. The pay isn’t great (yet), but I get to chat with the most amazing people (and occasionally I get trips to places like Hawaii).

But regardless of the fun I get to have, some days I drag myself into the studio and my enthusiasm is less than brilliant, but the mic goes on and, inevitably, if my energy was sagging, it lifts right up by the inspiring words that almost everyone I get to interview brings to the gig. I generally end up bouncing out of the studio and call or text GD Lynn Hasselberger about what a great conversation I just had with yet another eco-natural-healthy-green super hero. 

Inspiring. Enthusiastic. Fun. Motivating. Transformational. Cool. Innovative. Fascinating.

These are words that describe most of our guests on the Green Divas Radio Show, and the reason we have been thusly inspired to create a platform to help amplify these voices.

Yea, you like the Green Divas, but you’re going to LOVE the GDGD (Green Divas Global Digital) Radio Network. You’ll get a little more Green Divas, but a lot more of some of our favorite voices for change. Voices like Bill Kurtis (and if you don’t know his voice, tune in, it’s guaranteed to comfort any soul and get your attention at the same time) from the Earth Matters series; Gina Murphy-Darling, who is the uber-enthusiastic voice of Mrs. Green’s World; Kristin Ace, the voice of GVK: Good Vibrations with Kristin, which is sure to delight and enlighten; Mike Nowak of The Mike Nowak Show, who is a Green Divo (his version of Green Dude, although he prefers to spell it Devo, which I think is an 80s band I vaguely recall seeing in Boston once . . . ) after our own heart; and Yale Climate Connections, the vocal vignettes of climate science from those that know.  

It just wasn’t enough to interview these fine folks periodically, we wanted more! So, more we get and so do you. There are more coming on board in 2015—much more, so start listening and STAY TUNED!

Meanwhile, we recorded a special Green Divas Radio Show featuring a few of our new GDGD Radio stars, so listen up butter cups! 

Oh and, while you are listening, please feel free to share your love and enthusiasm for this green radio revolution and consider supporting our efforts through the GDGD Radio crowdfunding campaign. What’s a crowdfunding campaign? It’s a way to raise money via crowds of people who like and believe in our vision! We need some green to make this revolution happen in a big way and you’ll enjoy excellent rewards for practically any level of contribution. At the very least, share this campaign with your peeps and let them know, “I want my GDGD Radio!”

Follow @RadioGDGD on twitter and tag #GDGDRadio if/when you tweet up the campaign. 

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Green Diva Meg'

(aka Megan McWilliams Bouchard) is the founder of The Green Divas media brand and GDGD Radio Network (the first green and healthy living radio network on earth for the earth). She's the producer and host of the popular 50 Shades of Green Divas podcast (formerly the Green Divas Radio Show), and now the refreshing and inspiring GD Spirit Pub podcast. Green Diva Meg is a well-known green living expert and media personality.

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