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It was so refreshing to chat with Esther Bertram (pictured above) on GVK! She brings such rich thoughts and tools to the table to help us create a bridge from the subconscious to the conscious mind. She talked about creative visualization, one of the more powerful tools she uses to tap into the creative realm and co-create her reality. Listen to this GVK podcast episode, then read on!

One of my “bibles” when I began my spiritual quest was Creative Visualization by Skakti Gawain. I practiced at every free moment until it became second nature for me to “see” and create my life.

Esther’s desire to awaken humanity to its life creating powers has lead her to write an amazing augmented reality book. It follows a vegan orphan rock star and soul warrior, November Fox, who travels dimensions of time and consciousness to unlock the cube of self. Wow, talk about bridging the sub with the con of the mind! (Be sure to check out Esther’s kickstarter campaign November Fox!)

The subconscious mind (sigh).

For the longest time I didn’t even know that I had a subconscious!  Then when I did find out about it I started to fight with it. Today I move very differently—

today I am at peace with my subconscious.

I came to understand that the information that my subconscious gives me is ancient. Whether it’s ancient from my childhood or ancient from a past life, it was placed there long ago in situations that no longer resonate with my life. It was meant to protect me and I don’t need protection like that anymore. I’m no longer a child. I do not live in the past life.

I co-create and manifest my life consciously today but before I could do that, I had to understand what my subconscious was telling me. And so I had to build that bridge that GD Megan and I talk about with Esther. It takes practice, but now I can ask myself and get a clear Divine answer.

Is this feeling from the past?

Does this reaction have to do with the present?

How am I truly feeling?

quiet conscious

In the quiet, the Spirit world will always answer.

Sometimes the answer comes with resounding power, but, most of the time, it is the small still voice from within that holds the key to Truth…

I hope this helps you make that bridge. Let us know in the comment section below.

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Green Diva Kristin

Kristin Ace is a professional actress, storyteller, writer and healer. Her desire is to put all her gifts to use in raising the vibration of the Earth. With GVK (Good Vibrations with Kristin), she hosts a fun and inspiring podcast series featuring enlightening conversations. Kristin shares spiritual insights with her guests and audience with humor and grace.

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